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Recipe: Raw Vegan Blonde’s Big Green Smoothie

A freelance marketing executive and raw food convert, Amber, of foodie blog Raw Vegan Blonde, caught our eye with her amazing fruit and vegetable Instagram collages. Here, she shares the benefits of eating raw and the recipe for her favourite green breakfast smoothie, along with a special fruit and veg collage she created just for Style Insider (see image above).

My inspiration to start eating raw was supermodel, and face of Ralph Lauren, Valentina Zelyaeva. I first read about her super-healthy lifestyle last year at and got hooked on her blog. I tried the raw food lifestyle as an experiment and was so blown away by how incredible it made me feel, I just carried on!

Raw food is such a delicious way to fuel your body. Raw fruit and vegetables are typically more nutrient-dense, alkalising and easier to digest. I have so much more energy, my skin is smoother and my hair grows like crazy; I’ve become more in tune with my body and aware of how what I eat can dramatically affect how I feel both physically and emotionally. 

I grew up in a real foodie family, so cooking and eating out are some of my greatest pleasures in life. My diet is typically 80% raw fruit and vegetable, plus nuts, seeds, grains and dried fruit. Now I’ll crave a huge salad with a tasty dressing rather than a juicy steak and chips, but life is all about balance, so if I really fancy something different or want to try out a new restaurant, I’ll enjoy it and then go back to raw food at my next meal.

You don’t have to be 100% fully-raw to feel the benefits of raw food. Smoothies and juices are a simple way to eat more fruit and veg, and just one raw meal a day will put you on the highway to health and happiness. 

My favourite gadget is my Blendtec high-speed blender which makes wonderful ‘whole juices’. I also love my juicer, a spiralizer for making long vegetable noodles and a nut milk bag for making my own creamy, dairy-free milks like almond or rice milk.

See more of Amber’s amazing fruit and veg collages on Instagram.

Green smoothies are an easy way to consume a large amount of nutritious green vegetables and if you balance out the flavour with fruit, you can hardly taste them. If you prefer a creamier smoothie, add a ripe banana, half an avocado or a dash of nut milk.

Half a head of Romaine lettuce
Half a large cucumber
One handful of broccoli florets
Two handfuls of leaf spinach or kale
Small bunch parsley
Two large apples
Two large pears
One lemon or lime (flesh only)
250ml pure water
Handful of ice cubes

Roughly chop the fruit and veg and add the ingredients to your blender, starting with the water, lettuce and spinach first and finishing with the ice cubes. This will give the best blend and avoid any air pockets forming. Blend until smooth and creamy. Consume straight away or keep in the fridge in an airtight container for up to two days.

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