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Horizn Studios

Horizn Studios strives to redefine the future of travel with the next generation of carry-on, cabin and hand luggage. Led by a team of engineers and designers, every product is made to meet the demands of the modern, fast-paced and hyper-connected world. Creating suitcases equipped with smart chargers for your on-board technology and optional GPS tracking systems, bags with waterproof pockets for laptops and tablets, totes and holdalls which organise belongings for shorter journeys and a selection of additional travel accessories and sustainable clothing, Horizn Studios meets every need. Motivated by futuristic thinking and the desire to surpass expectations, the brand continues to combine curiosity and creativity as it faces its next challenge: designing the first luggage for space travel.

Check-In Luggage

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Check-In H6 Suitcase (64cm) primary image

Horizn Studios

Check-In H6 Suitcase (64cm)

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