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Planning a visit to store? Face coverings are now mandatory. Find Out More

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Find Your Signature Scent with Gigi Hadid

Words by Mollie Hammond

Gigi Hadid is one of those undeniably cool people you just want to be friends with. And when we caught up with the international model-turned-mum-turned interior design queen, we stand by that statement. We’re talking to her as the face of an equally cool new fragrance: Ralph’s Club by Ralph Lauren. It’s inspired by the one-night-only Fall 2019 runway – of which Gigi opened the show – and is a masculine fragrance with the spirit of coming together for one unforgettable night. Here, Gigi explains her reasons for feeling so close to the project, her relationship to Ralph Lauren as a brand growing up and shares her tips on finding the fragrant equivalent to ‘the one.’


Finding Your Signature Fragrance with Gigi

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    “When I started building my art collection, a photographer told me to get art that confuses you because you’ll never get tired of it and fragrance is the same. When you give someone a hug and they’re wearing something that captures your attention – they’re the fragrances I love."

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    “Think about how you want to feel [before selecting a fragrance]. What kind of mood or emotion do you want to evoke? What’s your look? When spraying, I think fragrance can really be the cherry on top of your look, outfit and makeup.

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    “In the day I may wear something more citrussy and bright, and at night I’ll wear something more deep – with lavender or leather – something more mysterious and sexier. I said on the day of the Ralph's Club shoot, you don’t have to wear a cupcake fragrance to feel sexy.”


Having opened the show for Ralph Lauren back in 2019, can you explain how the Ralph's Club project is a personal one for you? 

I will always remember that show and that moment as one of the best. I love when a show can really take you somewhere with set design and the environment, and the feeling of it being such a magical moment. The second I put that outfit on, I felt so powerful and strong. Ralph puts out the most incredible structured dresses – but to open a show wearing a powerful suit and for a designer to give you the space to feel sexy in something like a suit made me feel so good. I’ll never forget it. 


Imagine someone has never seen or smelt Ralph's Club Eau de Parfum before. How would you describe it? 

I think the show and that moment in the show is a perfect symbol for how that fragrance smells and feels to wear, for me as a woman. The bottle is masculine, it has industrial qualities to it with the black metal. But that moment in the show so perfectly translates to this fragrance. I as a woman can put on a suit and wear a men’s fragrance. I said on the day of the shoot, you don’t have to wear a cupcake fragrance to feel sexy. It’s lavender heart, sage, cedarwood, vetiver oil – it’s deep. It’s one that’s great for night-time. As a woman, it’s nice to put on something strong like that.  


That ties in well with the fact that scents are becoming so much more genderless now and fragrances traditionally made for either sex are no longer as prescriptive as they once were. What are your thoughts? 

Agreed. I applaud the Ralph team for creating a campaign which shows exactly that in a really nice way. Usually women are in men’s fragrance campaigns to be the ‘sex symbol’ in a different sense. More for the men’s gaze. Here, they really made me feel like my character and my role in the campaign was that of an equal to the men. It was a real mixture of people. Luka Sabbat and Lucky Blue Smith [below] are in the campaign with me and that’s the symbol of togetherness, openness and equality that I think it really celebrates.  


At the heart of the campaign is the idea of coming together for one unforgettable night. Reflecting on the past year and the pandemic, it seems the fragrance is perfectly capturing what we’re all so desperate for. How did it feel when shooting the campaign? 

I was always the one that if I had two days off work, I was running back to my farm. After a year in quarantine, it was really nice to be on set and be in a room with that many people. There’s a genuine sense of being happy to be together. This fragrance is one we hope takes you to that feeling of your best night ever.  


What does an unforgettable night look like to you? 

I think the best nights are the ones that didn’t go exactly as expected, but in a good way. You may have a night you’ve planned or one you have no expectation for on the other hand and I think they’re always the funniest. 


Ralph Lauren is such an iconic label, particularly in horse-riding which you have a real love for. What’s been your relationship to the brand throughout your life? 

I have pictures of me in Ralph Lauren bathing suits and sweaters when I was little and my mum and dad always had the shirts. I’ve been around it my whole life and always loved it for the quality and the feeling you get when you see a Ralph piece. It’s something that’s very genuine. It gives me a warm feeling. I’ve also always loved the Ralph family campaigns shot by Bruce Webber – they made me want to be a model in the first place. I wanted to be part of a team who created things like that.  


You’re a self-confessed homebody. What are your top tips for scenting the home? 

Look to the fragrances you actually wear. I am a very big fan of changing your candles depending on the season. In summer I do much more natural, outdoorsy smells like lavender, citrus, sage. For the winter I love comfort smells like cinnamon or the more fun ones like blueberry pie. With those type of candles there’s something so bad that it’s good! 


How has life changed for you over the past year? Have your beauty regimes and rituals changed at all?  

When I was pregnant, I got more into body care, like oils and natural skincare. It was the first time I paid attention to the ingredients. Being a new mum comes with a lot less time, so my beauty ritual is wiping my face with a baby wipe. But when she’s napping, I’ll take myself to go and be in our bedroom alone or do a spa night in the bathroom and really dedicate time to self-care. I love to light a candle and make it a real moment.  


You’re a beauty and fashion icon. How does it feel being in this position? 

Surreal at times because I feel like my job is my job. I’m really lucky to have a following because of it. I feel lucky that people want to hear my opinion and I just try and feel and be genuine about what I’m loving.  

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