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  • Nail Color

Christian Louboutin

Nail Color

The famous Louboutin stiletto heel is immortalised by this dressing table favourite.

Editor’s Note

Christian Louboutin's iconic red sole was born after a chance encounter with a transformative stroke of red nail colour. Years later, the designer has given back to beauty what the shoe took from nails many years ago with Christian Louboutin Nail Colour. With audacious bursts of colour, deep noirs and soft nudes, the highly pigmented, rich formula creates luxe, glossy colour in a single coat. A unique Objet D'art and desire, the now iconic glass bottle boasts an exceptionally sculpted cap standing as tall as Christian Louboutin's highest heel, the Ballerina Ultima. Inspired by calligraphy and paint brushes, it enables the application of luxurious colour to be a truly artistic experience.


  • 13ml
  • Pigment-rich formula

Christian Louboutin

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