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In Colour: Jewellery to Bring Joy


According to science, there’s a positive correlation between the days darkening and the desire to wear bright jewellery. OK, so not science per se, but stay with usJust as a bold Bottega Veneta Cassette bag can lift the spirits, it only follows that a brilliantly bright gemstone could equally boost your mood. Call it sartorial vitamin D.

Of course, there are practical considerations, too. Coloured gemstones can also be thought of as forever investments. Through the ages, brightly hued jewels have been worn to denote prestige and luxury – garnets and lapis lazuli in Ancient Egypt, pastel sapphires during the 17th century – and, to this day, many fine jewellery maisons boast their signatures. De Beers has its ‘fancy colour’ diamonds, for example. Blue, and yellow, and vibrant green; you can wear a rainbow, too.

Ultra Violet

Azure topaz, deep sapphires, healing quartz; a blue-violet palette proffers calming benefits, on top of its aesthetic appeal. Clarity is key. Pomellato’s aptly named Nudo collection, for one, is designed to showcase the pure, ‘nude’ elegance of nature’s most captivating gemstones. 

Blue Jewellery

Pomellato Nudo rings, Alessa Spectrum ring, Shay Orbit ring, Narmeen Jahan ring

Blue Jewellery

Golden Rule

Golden citrines go by various names. Light makers, success stones; citrines are believed by many to bring renewed energy to their wearers, attracting prosperity in every form. For us, citrines and other yellow gems are welcome rays of sunshine – bright inflections that elevate crisp cotton shirts and little black dresses alike.

Rainbow Bright

When it comes to vibrant gemstones, you needn’t nail your colours to the mast. Vivid hues care of the likes of Shay, L'atelier Nawbar and Bee Goddess can be combined to dazzling effect – a rainbow of elegance.

Rainbow Jewellery

Shay necklace, L’atelier Nawbar ring, Suzanne Kalan bracelet, Bee Goddess bracelet

Rainbow Jewellery

Emerald City

We may be biased – but we just can’t resist the allure of a verdant palette. Exclusive styles care of Suzanne Kalan and L’atelier Nawbar reference the Harrods signature through a modern, luxury jewellery lens.  

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