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Wedgwood Home Fragrances

Fill your abode with welcoming scents courtesy of our selection of luxury home fragrances. From Jo Malone London and Acqua di Parma to Lalique and Baobab, choose how to enjoy the carefully considered notes of signature fragrances via candles, reed diffusers or room sprays. Experiment across the different offerings to create a delightful aura that is truly bespoke to your space.

Luxury Candles, Luxury Diffusers, Luxury Room Sprays

2 Products found

Wonderlust Crimson Jewel Candle (230g) primary image


Wonderlust Crimson Jewel Candle (230g)

Wonderlust Rococo Flowers Candle (230g) primary image


Wonderlust Rococo Flowers Candle (230g)