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SALE: Enjoy up to 50% off selected purchases in-store and online – Shop Now

Spend over £300 on beauty to get the Harrods Beauty Gift and free international delivery. Shop Now

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Home Fragrance: Scents & Sensibilities

Feature: Long Read
Words by Emilie Dock

We’ve all felt the mood-lifting effects of fragrance. A sudden boost of energy from a whiff of lemon, or instant relaxation thanks to lavender. But have you ever delved into the science?


“When we inhale aroma molecules there’s an immediate reaction,” says Suzy Nightingale, senior writer for The Perfume Society. “Those molecules are detected by the olfactory receptors in our nose, stimulating the deepest, oldest parts of the brain.” 

Plenty have explored the power of fragrance. A German study noted that slumbering volunteers who had the smell of roses wafted under their noses were treated to happy dreams, while those inhaling rotten eggs endured nightmares. In Japan, researchers discovered that sufferers from depression needed markedly lower dosages of antidepressants when smelling citrus. The list goes on. 

Yet, despite all of the evidence, how many of us turn to fragrance in times of need? Now, more than ever, is the time to harness its power. Here’s how to hit the right note.

In Focus

The sweet smell of success? Rosemary, eucalyptus and mint. That’s right, research shows that breathing in a bouquet of herbs can lead to greater motivation, cognitive stamina and memory retention. Citrus and cinnamon can also keep you energised; perfect for keeping those creative juices flowing. The trick is finding just the right balance of invigorating aromas – and for that we look to Cire Trudon, Aesop, Jo Malone London and Farmacy. Set one of their zippy creations next to you while you work and watch that to-do list disappear.

In Focus Home Fragrance mood board
Emma South, Jo Malone London fragrance & lifestyle expert
“Seeking energy and inspiration? With rosemary, peppermint and a twist of earthy moss, our zesty Grapefruit candle will help you focus on the task at hand”


"Inspired by the rugged coastal landscape of Morocco, Abd el Kader is full of aromatic, culinary herbs. It feels like a breath of fresh air, which helps me stay focussed and motivated when I’m working from home"

Happy Hour

Picture yourself walking through a sun-drenched Italian garden. Sicilian lemons hang heavy on verdant trees, bees hum over a blaze of flowers and the faint smell of the sea washes in with the breeze. You can’t help but smile, right? Well, holidays may be on hold, but the right scent can still transport us to warmer, happier climes. Brimming with mandarin, grapefruit, lemongrass and other uplifting scents, our edit of joy-giving fragrances will put a zesty spring in your step, wherever you may be.

Happy Hour Home Fragrance mood board
Corinne Bensahel, Baobab Collection creative director
“Black Pearls is the most energising of our perfumes… citrus combined with ginger translates into happiness and energy”


"Citrus ingredients in particular have an almost Proustian power over our optimism. The association of lime and lemon blossom, showing off its beauty before it bears fruit, can connect us immediately to nature and life springing forth wherever we find ourselves"

And Relax

Long days spent indoors call for aromatic fragrances that help you to relax and unwind. Our advice? Bring a little of the outside in with fresh blooms such as rose, jasmine and ylang ylang, romanced with some richer, more sensual tones: think sandalwood, leather and vanilla. Prefer woody accords? Take an imaginary walk through a sun-baked forest with notes of pine, black cypress and cedar. Just don’t fall asleep with a candle burning; or if that’s your intention, opt for a diffuser instead. Zzzzzzz.

And Breathe... Home Fragrance mood board
Camilla Fayed, Farmacy founder
“I’ve been lighting my Space Clearer candle to help keep me grounded. I noticeably relax when our home is filled with its fresh scent of wild chamomile, zesty cucumber and hints of cool sage”

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