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How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Hotel Suite

Feature: Long Read
Words by Emilie Dock

There’s just one problem with luxury hotels: checkout. Whether it’s a historic grande dame like The Savoy or a hip hangout like The Ned, they sure do know how to pamper their guests – and one grows used to hotel pleasures. Coming home can feel bittersweet. Unless, of course, your room is just as beautifully curated. Read on for five tips on how to turn your bedroom into a five-star hotel suite.

The Bed

A comfortable bed is obvious, isn’t it? So, we’ll breeze past the importance of a good mattress (The Savoy uses Savoir; The Beverly Hills Hotel prefers Vispring), we’ll skip past the sheets (200-400 thread count cotton; mist with water mixed with a splash of fabric softener to remove stubborn wrinkles) and focus instead on the size of your bed: extra-large. We’re talking fairy-tale proportions. “Even our smallest rooms at The Ned, known as Crash Pads, have queen-size beds, with others featuring king and super-king beds,” says Jenny Harris, Director of Communications at The Ned. Combine with a dramatic headboard, a thick mattress and an abundance of pillows to make climbing into bed every night feel like the ultimate luxury.

Top tip from Anne Barnes, Deputy Director of Housekeeping at Claridge’s

"Always use flat sheets, never fitted. You can never press a fitted sheet flat enough, nor can you stretch them creaseless over the mattress."

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The Scent

Olfactory branding is big in hotels. You see, your sense of smell is directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus, areas of your brain that process emotion and memory. From the moment you walk into a hotel room, a carefully chosen fragrance sends you signals. The hope, of course, is that you forge strong scent memories that stay with you long after your stay. Introducing a signature fragrance in your bedroom can be an excellent way of sending your brain a message: it’s time to unwind. Choose something that evokes a holiday abroad or walking through a sunlit forest, perhaps. If it includes lavender, rose, camomile, cedar or ylang ylang, even better; these are listed as relaxing aromas by The National Sleep Foundation.

The Lighting

You’ll notice now that we’ve pointed it out: hotel rooms always have multiple sources of light. Not only is layered lighting more aesthetically pleasing, it’s also more practical, giving you options for dressing, reading, relaxing and, of course, sleeping. “My advice is to give flexibility so that you can adjust lights depending on your needs,” says designer and architect Natalia Miyar, who is currently masterminding the interior design of The Twenty Two, a new London hotel in Mayfair. “Hotels typically have low-lighting via a mix of table lamps, wall lights and recessed lighting in the joinery.”

The Decor
The Décor


Sweeping window treatments, canopied four-poster beds and standalone bathtubs aside, it’s relatively straightforward to conjure some boutique hotel opulence at home. Layer, layer, layer. Create visual interest and a sense of snugness with soft furnishings: rugs, throws, cushions, etc. “Strong style statements, pattern and texture all work while making sure the upholstery and finishes have a tactile quality and are not too stiff and formal,” says Miyar.


You might also consider dividing your space: “Our clients want their bedrooms to feel like an escape or sanctuary,” says Dabia Alani, Managing Designer at Harrods Interior Design. “As well as incorporating soft, calming colours and textures, we create different zones within the room: seating, vanity dresser, etc.”

The Little Luxuries

It’s not just the immaculate bed and décor that make hotels feel so luxurious. Walk into a suite at The Ned and you’ll be greeted by classical music playing from vintage-style radios. You’ll also find fluffy hooded robes made by Italian company Frette. These small details contribute to the overall plushness and they’re easy to replicate at home. It could be as simple as setting a carafe of water by your bedside. Or filling a vase with a glorious bouquet of flowers. Arrange neatly rolled-up face towels in a beautiful Murano glass bowl, even. Just make sure everything stays tidy and organised – it’s much easier to fall asleep in a clutter-free environment.

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