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SALE: Enjoy up to 50% off selected purchases in-store and online – Shop Now

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Method Eating with Louise Parker

Feature: Long Read
Words by Amy Broomfield

It’s high season once again, the time that marks a new term and a return from the summer holidays – and a time when resolutions are often made, not least when it comes to healthy eating. 

For wellbeing guru, figure magician, author of Lean for Life: The Cookbook and diet expert Louise Parker, this pattern is nothing new. In the 13 years since she founded The Louise Parker Method, her client roster has included CEOs, celebrities, models, athletes and royalty. “The common thread with all my clients is that they want to feel their absolute best, they don’t want to be taken down another rabbit hole of diet or habit,” she says. “They care passionately about how they represent themselves, and how they feel physically and mentally, especially when they are subject to relentless hours.”

For this, Parker has to turn the spotlight on food. “My first port of call is a 360-degree review of what and how you eat,” says Parker. Nourishing from within is key to achieving optimal skin, hair and nails, as well as bolstering energy and endurance. Step forward, then, fresh premium ingredients – from quality proteins to fruits and vegetables – plated up beautifully to stimulate the appetite as well as satisfy it.

Louise Parker's Pick of Harrods

  • Hummus


    “Drizzled with olive oil, a few toasted pine nuts and pomegranate seeds.”

  • Faroe Islands Salmon

    Faroe Islands Salmon

    “Prepared en papillote, with a few slices of orange, fresh herbs and some zest, and a side of steamed Jersey Royal potatoes.”

  • Cos Lettuce

    Cos Lettuce

    “Popped into a wok with freshly shelled garden peas, a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.”

Oro Bailen Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Perhaps one of my favourite olive oils. I tend to use a tablespoon at each meal as part of a salad dressing or to stir-fry my green veggies in.”

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Olive Oil

Tahi Manuka Honey

“Drizzled into natural yogurt or stirred into a warm tea for a delicious hit of sweetness.”

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"I love ‘assembly’ cooking, especially when you’re tired but still want a beautiful meal. I’ll pick fresh, seasonal veggies, make them the ‘hero’ element of the dish, then visit the fishmonger or butcher at Harrods to see what could go with them. Sometimes the best meals are the simple ones."

Celebration Food

“Buying what you treasure and really adore makes for great celebrations! At home we refer to ‘sometimes foods’ and ‘always foods’, careful not to demonise what’s meant to be a joyful part of life. Speaking of which… I rarely leave Harrods without picking up a box of cocoa-dusted almonds. Heaven in a mouthful. I scoop out a portion in a little espresso cup (any excuse to add to my Wedgwood collection) and a box will last me the week.”

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Embark on a total-body transformation with Louise Parker at The Wellness Clinic. Drawing on her research in epigenetics, she and her team of experts will develop a sustainable nutritional programme that’s perfectly suited to you, and lead you through personal training sessions, cryotherapy, physiotherapy and more to help you lose weight and feel great for good.

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