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  • Cashmere-Cotton Sweatpants
  • Cashmere-Cotton Sweatpants
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Loro Piana

Cashmere-Cotton Sweatpants

1,450 €
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Cotton and cashmere intertwine to offer a beautifully gentle texture.

Editor’s Note

Loro Piana looks to the Chinese desert and the uplands of Mongolia for the best cashmere to create its luxurious variations on classic designs, one example being these sweatpants. Due to the regions' harsh winters, goats naturally develop a bulky coat with a super soft underfleece for greater insulation. These fibres are then shed during the spring and are sourced by the label to be fashioned into exquisite everyday garments such as this athletic profile.


  • 50% Cashmere
  • 50% Cotton

Loro Piana

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