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Harrods’ Luxury Skincare Gift Guide

Feature: Quick Read
Words by Amelia Bell

On the hunt for a skincare gift? From glow-boosting serums to ultra-rich creams our ultimate selection of science-backed formulas will provide all the inspiration you need.

Elemis, Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Enviro-Adapt Day Cream, 50ml, £190

Spotting the signature Elemis ribbon and celeste shade of blue is always going to mean good things for your skin, particularly when it’s accompanied by the words “Pro Collagen”. Yes, the Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Enviro-Adapt Day Cream is fantastic for dry skin. Personalised to your skin’s needs, this formula calls upon clever technology to improve fine lines and hydration levels. And the best part: it even enables your skin to adapt to different climate changes throughout the day.

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SENSAI, Ultimate The Cream, 40ml, £670

A treat for the senses, SENSAI's The Ultimate Cream is a serious skin saviour. Loaded with skin-loving ingredients (think nourishing oils and hydrating hyaluronic acid) along with cutting-edge science (new technologies such as the Koishimaru Silk EX and Sakura Eternal Complex) it targets fine lines, loss of luminosity and hydration on a cellular level. Proven benefits aside, one of SENSAI’s main USPs is centred around creating the ultimate sensorial experience, from the silk-like, luscious texture that instantly melts into your skin to the blissful cherry blossom aroma. Gift this indulgent moisturiser and their skin will thank you.

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Sensai Cream

Clé de Peau Beauté, The Serum, 75ml, £285

Clé de Peau Beauté’s The Serum has amassed a cult following over the years, thanks to its impossibly lightweight texture and cutting-edge technology. Imparting skin with an enviable glow, this supercharged skin staple adds instant and long-lasting hydration for a complexion that looks and feels luminous.

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Clea De Peau

Noble Panacea, Exceptional Chronobiology Sleep Mask, £302 for 8

There’s a reason why beauty experts hail the benefits of overnight face masks. Not only do these treatments supercharge your skincare regime, but they deliver a multitude of powerful ingredients to your skin while you slumber. Noble Panacea's Exceptional Chronobiology Sleep mask goes a step further, working in synergy with the biorhythm of your skin as you snooze; meaning that it works in sync with your skin to boost hydration levels, tackle fine lines and improve exfoliation so that you can wake up looking and feeling rejuvenated. It also features some of skincare’s heavy hitters (think retinol, peptides, ceramides, and squalane) tackling myriad skin concerns all in one go. If theirs is a carefully curated regime, they’ll love this multi-tasking and hard working addition.

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Noble Panacea

Valmont, V Firm Cream, 50ml, £334

Fusing natural sources from Switzerland with the latest cellular research, Valmont’s V Firm Cream brings together the best of nature and science. The ultimate hydrating hero for winter, it’s ideal for dehydrated skin as it helps strengthen the skin barrier and replenish moisture levels thanks to a clever complex of ingredients – vitamin C, amino acids, and peptides. One of the most googled skincare ingredients, peptides are gaining popularity thanks to their ability to boost collagen leaving skin looking plumper, firmer, and more radiant, while vitamin C has long been touted for its antioxidant prowess. Use this as part of your daily skin routine for a winter glow boost.

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111SKIN Black Diamond Retinol Oil, 30ml, £180

If the iconic bottle isn’t enough to lure you in, the science behind it will. 111SKIN's Black Diamond Retinol Oil – which harnesses black diamonds to deliver actives more effectively to the dermal layers – has been upgraded to work even harder for your skin. Using these diamonds, along with the latest Niosome encapsulated NAC Y²™ tech, and a natural alternative to retinol, named NovoRetin, the formula has been clinically proven to aid fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll reap all the skin points of using retinol but without any of the irritation or sensitivity often associated with it.


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111Skin Retinol

Eighth Day Resurfacing Tonic, 100ml, £105

If you’re searching for a gift for a friend, loved one, or partner whose skincare knowledge is encyclopaedic, Eighth Day — the clinical brand created by leading surgeon, skin expert, and clinical researcher Dr Antony Nakhla — is an excellent starting point. A firm favourite in the line-up of science-backed and clinical skincare, this Resurfacing Tonic is packed with a potent mix of bio-identical ingredients and exfoliating acids such as lactic (a gentle exfoliant to slough away dead skin cells) and glycolic (exfoliating and collagen-boosting). As such, you get the kind of results you’d expect to see in a clinic from your own skincare routine at home.

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Eighth Day

EviDenS De Beauté, The Extreme Cream, 60ml, £790

Founded by entrepreneur Charles-Édouard Barthes, EvidenS De Beauté is a name synonymous with luxury and science. The skincare brand takes inspiration from traditional Japanese rituals, like the daily Saho, or beauty ceremony, on which each skincare product is inspired. The Extreme Cream, for instance, forms part of a 3-step collection and a wider ritual to help boost dull-looking skin, restore radiance and target signs of ageing, all thanks to a host of skin-repairing bio-energising ingredients.

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Helena Rubinstein Re-plasty Age Recovery Night Cream, 50ml, £374

A name with decades of skincare experience under its beauty belt, Helena Rubinstein’s approach to skin has always been about personalisation. That means efficacious formulas that act like a bespoke system for your skin. For instance, this hardworking Re-plasty Age Recovery Night Cream offers soothing benefits depending on your skin’s needs. Aptly named a “bandage” for your complexion, it’s powered by ingredients like hyaluronic acid (the humectant capable of holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water) and lesser-known glycirizik acid, which is loaded with anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s hydrating, soothing and highly decadent all at once.

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Helena Rubinstein

Shiseido Lip & Eye Contour Regenerating Cream, 17ml, £165

Cutting-edge formulas and innovative technology have made Shiseido a household name among skincare enthusiasts. The latest product on the lips of those in the know is the bestselling Lip & Eye Contour Regenerating Cream. The ultimate stocking filler for someone whose skincare routine is highly considered and even more high-tech, this hybrid formula targets both the eyes and lips – the two areas of your face that are notoriously delicate. But rather than just boosting topical hydration, the plant-powered ingredients list visibly targets dark circles and puffiness, ridding complexions of any fatigue.

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