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Qasimi centres around the idea of the urban nomad, as its founder Khalid Qasimi translates his own life’s journey into the pillars upon which the brand is built: architecture, colour, military and messaging. Growing up during the Gulf War in a historically conflict-rife region – before relocating to the UK at age nine – lends his designs their military influences. He channels his Middle Eastern roots into deft and delicate explorations of sociopolitical subjects throughout his collections, earning him accolades at London and Paris Fashion Weeks. This sense of cultural dialogue and exchange is not literal, but instead can be admired in the details of the clothes, including the choice of fabrics, mood and proportions. Discovering his true calling for fashion design while earning a degree in Architectural Studies greatly informs his approach to design, as he thinks of the body as a landscape upon which garments are built, bringing even more meaning to the brand’s philosophy: clothes are to be lived in. Presented in a sophisticated yet subdued colour palette, this all culminates in London-based Qasimi’s unique and fresh perspective with worldwide appeal.


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