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De Beers

Synonymous with the timeless allure and mystique of diamonds, De Beers has been a diamond expert for over 130 years and will be eternally linked with 'a diamond is forever'.

Today, this unrivalled heritage is at the very heart of De Beers. Dedicated entirely to diamond collections, De Beers jewellers use only hand-selected and ethically sourced diamonds to create the wondrous, dream-like designs.

  • The De Beers Difference
  • De Beers True Brilliant diamonds sparkle from every angle and represent Fire, Life and Brilliance – the three most essential elements of a diamond’s natural beauty and light performance.

De Beers Legendary Diamonds

From the Centenary Diamond – a celebration of De Beers’ 100th birthday – to the Millennium Star and the distinct Oppenheimer Blue, discover the brand’s trio of Legendary Diamonds...

The Millennium Star

The Millennium Star is the second largest-known, top-colour, internally and externally flawless, pear-shaped diamond, at 203.04 carats. It took over three years to cut the diamond in to its classic pear form, the entire process illustrating De Beers’ ethos of preserving exceptional beauty, and not focusing simply on weight.

The Oppenheimer Blue

Exceptionally rare, just 0.0001% of the world’s diamonds are blue. The Oppenheimer Blue is a 14.62ct emerald-cut stone that was recently recognised as the highest quality blue diamond in the world.

The Centenary Diamond

At 599ct, the internally and externally flawless diamond discovered in 1986 remains one of the largest top-colour diamonds ever found. Polished from rough stone into the 273.85ct Centenary Diamond, it was unveiled to the world in 1991.

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