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"Jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers," so declared the then-Prince of Wales, future King Edward VII, of Cartier; and it’s an epithet that has endured.

Founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, it was his grandsons Louis, Pierre and Jacques who turned Cartier from a Parisian jewellery boutique into a globally renowned name. The brand soon gained status for pioneering techniques, such as becoming the first jeweller to use platinum as a setting in the 1860s.

Ground-breaking expertise were not restricted to jewellery alone; Cartier’s history of haute horlogerie plots an evolution from the jewellery watches of the 19th century to contemporary wrist watches, all the while establishing iconic codes that remain at the heart of Cartier timepieces to this day.

  • Craftsmanship & Diamonds
  • A combination of subtle characteristics, the 4Cs (carat, colour, clarity and cut), allows only the rarest of diamonds to qualify for the Cartier selection process.

  • Watchmaking Artistry
  • Celebrating 100 years in 2017, the Tank is one of the most celebrated timepieces; a benchmark of the 'shaped' style, the watch’s iconic lines have remained much the same since Louis Cartier originally designed it in 1917.

Le Panthère

The panther is a Cartier icon; since 1914 the emblem has been used on wrist watch straps, vanity case motifs and as stand-alone designs. One of the most archetypal pieces is a brooch featuring a platinum panther sitting on a 152ct cabochon sapphire.

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