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Hermès Perfumer

Hermès Perfumeur

Fragrance has been a part of the history of the house of Hermès since the 1930s. In the library of Hermès perfumes, every creation tells a story, opens up an imaginary world. As both artisan and artist, Hermès demonstrates through its creations the excellence of its craftsmanship and style; audacious and harmonious, timeless and elegant.

Hermès Perfumeur

Like stories filled with characters and events, THE NOVEL PERFUMES extend time with their longevity.  They draw their inspiration from the heritage of Hermès. Calèche, Équipage or, more recently, Eau des Merveilles, Terre d’Hermès, Voyage d’Hermès and Jour d’Hermès tell a story and invite us to share in the imaginary world of the house.

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Hermès Perfumeur

Shorter stories with fewer characters and events, THE NOVELLA PERFUMES – the Les Jardins and the Colognes – concentrate time around a particular moment. Olfactory strolls through the different annual themes of the house, the Les Jardins fragrances attest to genuine encounters between the Hermès spirit, the soul of a place and the perfumer-composer. Generous expressions of bright and simple pleasures, the Hermès Colognes are olfactory snapshots.

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