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A commitment to sustainable sourcing is central to the Fresh Market Hall’s fish counter, with our buyers looking to native waters and beyond for superlative seafood. For salmon, it’s the seas around the Faroe Islands, while the protected waters of New Caledonia play home to the much sought-after Obsiblue prawn, and Alaskan king crab can’t be beaten. If it’s a simple piece of breadcrumbed fish or a salmon-en-croute you’re after, look no further than the grab-and-go Fish Deli.

  • The Harrods Fishmongers

    We buy whole fish only, ready to be prepared and filleted by our expert fishmongers on request. And should you be looking for the perfect white fish for a citrus ceviche, or the best way to prepare lobster Thermidor, our fishmongers can advise on that too.

  • Our Fish Produce
  • Our Fishmonger
  • "Sourced for their extraordinary flavour, sustainably caught and carefully prepared, this is fish like you've never tasted before."


It doesn’t get much fresher than picking your own lobster live from the tank, but that’s not the only choice you’ll need to make: firstly, will it be native or Canadian? When a cooked lobster is most convenient, however, we’ve got those on the counter, too.


Caviar connoisseurs will revel in the prized delights to be found within the Fresh Market Hall. Petrossian and Exmoor exclusives sit alongside our new range of Harrods Caviar, which encompasses eight different varieties - Almas and Beluga included.

  • Harrods Caviar
  • "You'll find eight different varieties of caviar at Harrods, Almas being the rarest of all."

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