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The Taste Revolution: Tea & Coffee

The Taste Revolution: Tea & Coffee

Harrods Coffee

At the heart of the Roastery & Bake Hall lies the coffee roastery, where Master Roaster Bartosz Ciepaj and his team roast and grind fresh coffee beans daily. Coffee connoisseurs are invited to take a seat at the Coffee Bar, where they will have the chance to try each type of coffee and blend their own roast to enjoy at home.

Harrods Master Roaster

"Nobody can resist the smell of freshly roasted coffee," says Bartosz Ciepaj, Harrods Master Roaster. A finalist in the UK Roasting Championship 2017, what Bartosz doesn’t know about coffee isn't worth knowing...

On The Coffee Roastery...
"It’s an immersive experience in which customers can take a close look at every step of the process from roasting to brewing. When a third party is roasting for you, you don’t have the same control over quality; roasting in-house means we can create bespoke blends, do tiny batches of speciality beans, and serve it incredibly fresh."

On Coffee...
"Coffee is like wine, but more difficult. There are so many variables – what’s in season, which farms, how the beans are stored and roasted. And then there’s actually making the cup of coffee. You need to take in lots of oxygen when you taste so you can really get all the flavours."

On The Harrods Signature Roast...
"I have updated our traditional Knightsbridge Roast; it’s lighter, but is still full-bodied and has notes of chocolate and caramel, and uses 100% arabica beans from Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Sumatra."

Harrods Tea

Tea is at the heart of Harrods’ heritage – Charles Henry Harrod began his career as a grocer and tea merchant, founding the Knightsbridge store in 1849 with a tea counter that quickly established its excellent reputation. Today, our buyers scour the globe to guarantee you the ultimate brew.

The Tea Tailor

Meet Angelo Tantillo, our Tea Tailor and one-stop shop for a truly bespoke tea. Surrounded by tins of teas in the Roastery & Bake Hall, Angelo guides a sensory experience, exploring blends according to personal flavour profiles – a must for tea enthusiasts.

  • Tea Tailor At Harrods
  • Tea Tailor At Harrods
  • "Angelo can guide you on a journey to blend a tea that you would never have imagined."

Reinventing and reimagining the way we consider the unassuming tea leaf, T2 has fast become a store-cupboard staple, creating sublime brews that surprise, tantalise and fascinate the taste buds.

T2 Brand
"From taste sensations to intricately designed teawares..."