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Security & Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Harrods’ Commitment To Your Privacy

Harrods respects your privacy and your desire to understand how your information will be handled and used. This Policy explains how we collect, use and store your information. Using your information in a way that you are comfortable with and keeping your information secure is an integral part of the luxury retail experience we aim to provide. Harrods will ensure that all information protection and customer legislation standards are met when handling any of your personal information.

References in this Privacy Policy to "we", "us" and "Harrods" are to Harrods Limited (company number 30209), registered office 87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL. Harrods Limited is a registered information controller with registration number Z603738X.

What Information Do We Collect And How Do We Use It?

We collect and use information about you to ensure that we can continue to provide you with a luxury retail experience. You provide us with your information directly when you make a purchase, sign up to become a Harrods Rewards member, shop online, use the Harrods App, or register to take part in a competition We also collect elements of your information indirectly such as the route you have taken around the Harrods Store.

If you instruct the Royal Mail to redirect your post, we will receive your updated address information and update our records. Similarly, if we are informed that you are no longer at the address we have on file for you, we will remove it from our records.

We may analyse the information that you supply to us and share your personal data with third parties who help us segment and understand our customers by providing additional information. We use this to provide you with a more personalised experience.

Should you choose to take advantage of one of our Personal Shopping services, including clienteling you will have an appointed Personal Shopper or sales associate assigned to you. Your shopper will collect information relevant to you in order to curate the most exclusive and luxurious personalised retail experience. Your Personal Shopper will always keep you updated on the information that they hold, how it affects you and will follow your instructions on how you would like to be contacted by them.

Information Collected When You Make A Purchase

When you make a purchase at any of our retail outlets or online, we will collect necessary information about you to ensure we can fulfil your order or chosen service.

If you choose to pay by card, we will need to collect your payment information in order to process card payments. We may also need to ask for additional information from you, e.g. to prevent fraudulent transactions, to comply with anti-money laundering obligations for high value transactions, or to ensure that we comply with our legal obligations such as age restrictions applicable to the sale of guns, knives or alcohol, or the legal requirement to share your details with the TV Licensing Authority when you purchase a television.

Where you place an order with Harrods for products or services that will be delivered, collected or provided at a later date, we will need to take additional contact details and delivery information from you so that we may complete your order. We may use third party couriers to deliver your order and will need to share your contact information with them for this purpose.

Managing Your Marketing Preferences

At any point that you interact with us, you may be given the opportunity to opt-in to receive Harrods marketing communications. Harrods will only send you marketing communications where you have consented to receive them and using your preferred channels of communication. To ensure that you are still happy to hear from us, if you have not updated your marketing preferences in two years, we will contact you to remind you that you can opt-out of receiving marketing communications at any time:

  • Where you have not made a purchase with Harrods during this two year period, we will only continue to send you marketing communications where you expressly tell us that you want to. If you do nothing, then we will stop sending you marketing communications. 
  • Where you have made a purchase with Harrods during this period, we will continue to communicate with you in the same way until you tell us otherwise. If you do nothing, we will assume that you are happy for Harrods to continue to send you marketing communications in the same way. 

If you have opted-in to receive marketing communications from us you can manage your preferences online at any time. We have created a Preference Centre where you can manage your marketing communications preferences and tell us what you want to hear about and how you want Harrods to communicate with you.

We will send you marketing material that we believe you will be interested in based on your previous spending behaviour. You may not receive all types of communications that you have chosen to receive. To understand more about the criteria we use to determine which marketing communications you receive, please contact

If you have given us your email address or mobile phone number and agreed to receive marketing communications from us we may supply this data to digital advertising or social media companies including Facebook and Google who work on our behalf to identify individuals with similar characteristics to our customers and provide them with advertising content from us. We may also work with these companies to target or retarget you directly with adverts that we believe you will be interested in.

The data we provide to these organisations is limited to email address or mobile phone number and is always provided in an encrypted format. We use your personal data in this manner as it is in our legitimate interest to advertise to potential new customers.

This use of your personal data constitutes profiling If you would prefer not to see targeted advertising from us on social media, please refer to the instructions provided by Facebook or Google or contact our Customer Services Team for advice on how to opt-out.

Please note that when you visit one of Harrods’ brand partners in-store or participate in a branded promotion or event, our brand partners may also ask if you want to sign up to receive marketing communications directly from them about their events, products and services. If you provide your personal details to any of our brand partners, the use of that information will be governed by their privacy policy and cannot be managed through Harrods or the Preference Centre. Please ask the relevant sales associate for details about their privacy policy and how you can manage your marketing communications preferences with them.

Joining The Rewards Programme

The most exclusive news about events, products and services is reserved for Harrods Rewards Card members.

Should you become a Rewards Card member and opt in to hear about Rewards – for news and exclusive offers, depending on your Harrods Rewards tier, we will contact you about the many benefits reserved for Rewards Card members including a cash reward, a birthday treat, complimentary Harrods Magazine, Tea & Coffee, free delivery or special discount days. Your information will also be used in-Store to check your eligibility for each of our benefits, and to track your usage so that we can monitor customer engagement to improve our service.

From time to time, we may also collect publically available information about you which is not essential to delivery of the Rewards Programme but which enables us to learn more about you and, in turn, provide a more tailored service. If you would like to stop Harrods using this information about you in this way, please contact us at

As part of the Harrods Rewards Programme, Harrods operates the Mini Harrods Programme which offers customers additional exclusive benefits, promotions and events tailored towards children under the age of ten. Harrods only collects the information of children where the parent or guardian has given their consent. Harrods does not knowingly collect information from customers under the age of 13 directly. In the event that we learn that we have collected personal information from anyone under the age of 13 without parental consent, we will delete it immediately.

As a Rewards Card member, from time to time we will email you to ask for anonymous feedback about your experience visiting us. Feedback is used to improve the experience we provide and is anonymous.

If you apply for, or already have, a Harrods American Express credit card as part of your Harrods Rewards membership benefits, we are required to share certain information collected by Harrods in connection with your Harrods credit card with American Express UK Ltd. For the American Express Data Protection and Privacy Principles, please see here.

Harrods Personal Shopping Services

In order to deliver the best possible customer experience, Harrods offers a variety of Personal Shopping services that may involve you sharing additional personal information about yourself with Harrods so that we can tailor your shopping experience to provide you with recommendations of products and services that may be relevant to your lifestyle and preferences.

We understand that as part of this, you may share with us sensitive information about your personal circumstances or festivals and holidays that are important to you. Harrods will always ensure that we have your consent to use this sensitive information as part of the Personal Shopping service.

The level and content of the information that you provide to Harrods and the communications that you receive as part of the Personal Shopping service is always set and agreed to by you. You can discuss these arrangements and change them at any time by speaking to the Personal Shopping team directly. Please note that your Personal Shopping arrangements are not part of Harrods general marketing communications and cannot be managed through the Preference Centre. To ensure that you are still happy with the service provided by Harrods, if we have not discussed your existing arrangements with you for 2 years, we will contact you to check that you are still happy with these arrangements. If we are unable to contact you for any reason, your existing personal details will be retained but your account will be set as “dormant” until we can confirm that you are happy to continue using the service (please note that we will delete any sensitive information about you while the account is dormant). If we are unable to reach you for a further 2 years, then we will delete all information held by the Personal Shopping team and formally close your Personal Shopping account.

If you prefer not to use Harrods’ formal Personal Shopping services, our sales associates will be more than happy for you to share your personal details with them on an informal basis for a specific purpose, such as asking to be contacted when a certain product is back in stock. We will only use this information for the specific purpose that you have agreed to, after which your information will be deleted. You may also provide your personal details to our brand partners operating in our retail outlets and the use of your information will be subject to the brand’s privacy policy. If you are unsure, please ask the sales associate to confirm whether your information is being collected by Harrods or by the individual brand and ask for details about their privacy policy.

Shopping Online

When you visit, we collect information about your device to ensure we can continue to drive innovation and improve usability to benefit your online shopping experience. Information can be collected through your IP address or through cookies placed on your device. Some cookies are needed for the proper functioning of the website. Examples of where these cookies are used include: to store how many items are in your shopping bag, to determine anonymously when you are signed in and to determine which currency we should use based on your preferred delivery location when displaying prices to you. Other cookies are used for analytics purposes which help us understand how and when you first visited our site, the frequency of your visits and the duration of time spent on our site. We also use cookies to track your journey around the site and ensure that our email marketing invite pop-up is displayed at the most appropriate time. This technology allows us to remember you so if you have previously visited the site, we are able to recognise you as a returning visitor. If you have already signed up to receive marketing emails, you will not see the pop-up unless you disable the relevant cookie. Finally, some cookies are used to provide you with personalised advertisements when you visit other selected websites, after your visit to These advertisements will be in the form of ‘banner advertising’ and will show you products that we believe you will be interested in, based on your browsing history on our website. For more information about how Harrods uses cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

When you make a purchase on, we will collect information about you to ensure we can fulfil your order or chosen service (including your name, contact details and delivery address). You will be offered the opportunity to use our guest checkout path or to create an online account on our website. In order to register an online account, we will ask you for your name and contact details. You will also be asked to create a password and have the option of linking your Harrods Rewards membership. Once you have created an account, this will serve as a platform to update your marketing preferences through the Preference Centre.

Store Analytics

All visitors to our Knightsbridge Store are invited to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi which is provided through Purple, the Wi-Fi can be accessed by signing up with your email address (to view the Harrods Wi-Fi terms and conditions please see here). Your email address will be shared with both Purple and Harrods. If you have downloaded the Harrods App you will have access to our “Store Guide”, which uses Bluetooth technology to help you find your location and plan your route around our Store. If you have Wi-Fi capabilities switched on and/or Bluetooth enabled with the Harrods App open, we will collect location information from your device about the route you took around the Store. Harrods uses this information to understand the more popular routes and destinations chosen by our customers so that we can improve our navigation strategy and customer experience. If you want to disable this functionality, please turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Location Services in your device settings when you visit the Harrods Knightsbridge Store.

To make your journey around our Store more comfortable, we are continuously seeking to understand the easiest ways of navigating our building. While you are walking around the Harrods Knightsbridge Store, we collect thermal footfall information to understand visitor journeys better and visitor “traffic” levels across different parts of the Store. We also have facial detection software at Door 3 and Door 5 of the Store to measure visitor engagement with our digital advertising screens. A camera in the screen detects if a passer-by is looking at the screen. Please note that, Harrods only uses this information at a general level to understand customer footfall patterns and to provide our advertising partners with information about how many individuals look at their advertisements. This information is not used for the purpose of identifying you individually and any personal information is not retained.

Competitions, Prize Draws, Giveaways And Offers, Events

When you participate in a Harrods competition, prize draw, giveaway or offer, or sign up to attend one of our events, either through Harrods or indirectly through a third party, we will collect information about you. This information will be used to administer competitions and manage events, including securing your registration at an event, and selecting and contacting prize winners. If you provide the personal information of another customer for one of our events, we will assume you have the consent of any named individuals to provide their personal information for these purposes. Full details of our event management partner’s privacy policy can be found on their website or on the event registration form. Your information will be deleted shortly after the promotion or event has finished, unless you have signed up to receive marketing communications from us.

The Wellness Clinic

For details about how your information is used when you visit the Wellness Clinic at Harrods, please see the separate Privacy Policy below.

Our Group Companies

The Harrods Group includes Harrods Limited, Harrods International Limited, Harrods Estates Limited, Harrods Aviation Limited and Air Harrods Limited. Please note that where you have a Harrods Rewards Card account we may share information that you provide to us with these group companies. Please visit the Harrods Estates and Harrods Aviation websites for details of their separate Privacy Policies.


To ensure your safety and for the prevention and detection of crime, CCTV is in operation during your visit to any of our retail outlets. CCTV is also used in our outlets in Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport.

Please be aware that if we are requested to provide CCTV images of you or any other personal information relating to you by the police or any other regulatory or government authority investigating suspected illegal activities, we are obliged to do so.

How Can You Manage The Information We Hold About You?

As part of our commitment to exceptional customer service, where you have provided your consent, we personalise your experience, by only sending marketing communications about the most exclusive products, services and events that we believe you will be interested in. You have always been able to opt-out of these communications but now it is easier than ever to manage your preferences:

  • Once you have registered for an account online, you can manage your communication preferences through our Preference Centre by logging in to your account.
  • Alternatively, contact our Customer Service Team either in-Store, by email at (quoting “Security and Privacy Enquiry”) or by phone on 0333 300 1234 (UK) or +44 (0)203 626 7911 (International).

You can also unsubscribe from individual email marketing communications via the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each of our email marketing communications.

It can take up to four weeks for your preferences to be registered on our system, so you may still receive communications from us during this period.

Should you wish to know more about what information we hold about you including making changes to, or requesting the deletion of, information that we hold about you, you are also entitled by law to make a Data Subject Request. You can make such a request by emailing us at Please note that we may need to exclude certain information as part of your request, e.g. in order to protect the privacy of other individuals or if we are permitted to exclude the information for legal or other reasons.

If you would like to contact the Harrods Data Protection Officer, please email

How Do We Keep Your Information Secure?

We make sure that we have information security measures in place to keep your information secure. Where we ask third parties to work on our behalf, before sharing information we always make sure that they have sufficient information security measures in place.

Information you provide to one of the Harrods Group companies may be shared within the Harrods Group of companies. We also work with a number of third parties to help us deliver an excellent service to you. We require all third parties that interact with information to undergo an Information Security Due Diligence Assessment to ensure that information is only shared where third parties have appropriate security measures in place.

We will not share your information with any third parties who might wish to market their goods and services to you unless you have provided your consent. Harrods does not routinely share information outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). If it is necessary we will only do so with the relevant protection in line with data protection legislation requirements.

How Long Will Harrods Keep My Information?

Harrods is committed to keeping your personal information only for so long as is necessary or where we have a legitimate interest to continue doing so. Where Harrods no longer requires information to be in a format where you can be identified personally, e.g. where we keep information for analytical and research purposes or transaction information, we will remove any personal details about you.

If you have registered for an account on and/or have a Harrods Rewards Card, then we will continue to retain your personal information in order to maintain your account. We understand that some of our customers do not shop with Harrods on a regular basis, but if you have not made a purchase with Harrods for a continuous period of four years, then we will delete your account details and all personal information that we hold about you. If you wish to use your account after this time, you will need to sign up to a new account.

If you have not registered for an account on and/or do not have a Harrods Rewards Card, but you have signed up to receive Harrods’ marketing communications, then Harrods will only retain your information for as long as we have your consent to send you marketing.

Where you shop online with Harrods but use our guest checkout path, we will only retain your personal details for a reasonable period of time after you have completed the transaction in order to fulfil any contractual obligations such as refunds and guarantees (unless you also receive marketing communications, in which case we will add this order information to your customer record).

Please note that if you have registered for an account on and/or have a Harrods Rewards Card, but choose to use our guest checkout path, we will add the guest checkout purchase to your customer record internally automatically. It will not be visible on your order history page as that will only show orders though the registered user journey. If you would prefer for this not to happen, then please use a different email address not already registered with Harrods.

Contacting Us

When you contact Harrods through any channel (including by phone, post, email or social media), we will collect information about you in order to respond to your query, request or feedback. Please note, if you contact Harrods by phone your call may be recorded for quality, training and security purposes. Additionally, calls may be monitored (without your consent) to allow Harrods to collect information for security and regulatory purposes.

How Will I Know If This Privacy Policy Changes?

If we specifically change the way in which we use your personal information or if we need to notify you about a change to the information that we hold about you, we will specifically contact you.

Any future changes to our Privacy Policy will be updated online at with the last date of update displayed as below We encourage you to check this site periodically to learn about the information that we collect, use and share.

The Harrods Privacy Policy was last updated in July 2018.

Rolex Privacy Notice

While navigating on the Rolex section of our website, you may interact with an embedded website from In such case, Privacy Notice and Cookies Policy of are sole applicable.

Security Policy

Security of our website is of utmost importance to us. Our site uses software to provide high level encryption technology. Although we use advanced security measures to protect your information against loss, misuse and alteration, as is the case with all computer networks linked to the internet, we cannot make absolute guarantees over the security of the information you provide over the internet and as such we cannot be held responsible for it.

We will never contact you by email to ask you to send or confirm any of your personal details, if we need any information of this nature we will only contact you by telephone.

Never send any sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card information, via email.

Where you have chosen to create a password to access certain parts of our website, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We ask you not to share a password with anyone.

The Wellness Clinic at Harrods Privacy Policy

The Wellness Clinic is a world-first collaboration between Harrods and leading experts in the fields of holistic wellbeing and aesthetic medicine. Harrods will deliver this experience to its clients whilst maintaining the highest standards of privacy.

How Does Harrods Use The Wellness Clinic Client Data?

Harrods Ltd uses personal information such as your name and contact details for the following reasons:

  • To contact you about your booking;
  • To contact you with any pre-treatment information or aftercare information; and where you have consented
  • To contact you with exciting information about the latest Harrods products, events and services
  • In an emergency, Harrods will contact the person you provide as an emergency contact

How Will The Practitioners Within The Wellness Clinic Use Client Data?

Harrods will only share your personal data with the practitioner that you have booked to receive treatment from. Full details of how your practitioner will use your personal data can be found within your Registration Form, which you will complete at your first visit to The Wellness Clinic.

Generally, The Wellness Clinic practitioners will use your personal data for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To ensure that you are in a fit state of health to receive your chosen treatment or service
  • To craft a bespoke treatment for you
  • To contact you about your treatment; and where photographs or video footage is taken
  • To demonstrate the success of a treatment or programme plan

Access within this system is restricted so that only Harrods and your chosen treatment provider will be able to see your personal data. Should you choose to visit another treatment provider, your data will not be shared with any additional treatment providers unless you give explicit consent.

In some instances it may be necessary for your practitioner to send your personal data outside of The Wellness Clinic, this is the case in instances where your treatment involves a DNA analysis. Where this is the case, Harrods will take steps to ensure that instead of your name, an anonymous or pseudo-anonymous marker is used such as a unique ID.  

Photographs Or Videos Taken Within The Wellness Clinic

Harrods is proud to also offer clients the opportunity to experience a 3D image camera. The 3D camera will give you the opportunity to see the effects of The Wellness Clinic treatment/s that you have received in high definition 3D imagery. It is entirely your own decision as to whether you wish to experience the 3D Camera.

For some of the treatments offered within The Wellness Clinic, before and after photographs are mandatory. This is to demonstrate evidence of an effective treatment in case you later decide to contest the success of any treatment you receive. If photographs are mandatory, your treatment provider will make this clear prior to any photographs being taken.

Unless you give your explicit consent for other uses, all photographs taken of you within The Wellness Clinic will only be used to demonstrate the effect of your treatment. 

Louise Parker offers clients the opportunity to see and evaluate their own performance during a workout by recording client workouts. Clients can access their own videos from home to help with improving their technique. This is completely optional dependent on your preferences.

The Wellness Clinic Security

All data that you provide within The Wellness Clinic will be stored securely. For more information about the security applied to your data and for Harrods' full Privacy Policy please see refer to the top of this page.