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Rarity. The word alone instantly conjures intrigue and awe; but what does it really mean? Encompassing seldom-seen wonders of the natural world as well as extraordinary manmade creations, whether they be celebrated for the skill or integrity of their creation, the notion of rarity brings with it surprise, delight and excitement.

It is for that reason we are celebrating rarity in all its guises via a curated list of Rare Finds spanning fashion and fine jewellery, gastronomy and interior design, to a unique portfolio of rare experiences, some little-known and others much-loved, to be enjoyed in our iconic store.

  • Rarity - Stevenson Brothers
  • Rarity - Fine Watches
  • "If ever there was a place to experience the truly rare, it’s Harrods, where discovering the distinctly different is second nature."
Skincare: It’s Elemental

Thinking outside the jewellery box, skincare experts are turning to platinum, gold, pearls and diamonds for their rejuvenating properties.

Rarity - Elemental Skincare
"Precious elements are no longer reserved for the vaults..."

The Brompton Road Windows

Peek inside the Rarity vaults, with the finest rare wares from world-leading brands on display for all eyes to behold, within the Harrods Brompton Road windows.