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Hair and Beauty Salon Services



Ricardo Vila Nova, earned the title of ‘The Hair Whisperer’ after over a decade of successfully revitalizing his clients hair. His techniques are rooted in science rather than magic, but the results he achieves are nothing other than miraculous.

Initial appointments commence with the unique Hair DNA Scan, a cutting-edge method of DNA profiling performed by Vila Nova. This meticulous diagnostic technique provides surprising insights, revealing all the crucial elements that influence the condition of the hair and scalp.

Armed with these results Vila Nova is able to create a targeted treatment plan to rebalance the scalp, kickstart growth, or simply youth boost your hair, taking it to new heights of health. 

Treatments are partnered with at-home haircare, powered by high-performance actives and all expertly blended to meet the unique requirements of your hair and scalp.

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Hair DNA Scan

A cutting-edge method of DNA profiling performed by Vila Nova, using a single strand of hair, enables him to identify the neurological, nutritional, hormonal, environmental and genetic factors influencing the condition of your hair and scalp. 

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Made to Measure Haircare

With the results of your Hair DNA Scan, Ricardo is able to formulate your personalised shampoo, mask and/or serum, with beautifully scented, high-performance ingredients, that take your hair to a whole new level of health and vitality. 

Made to Measure Shampoo 250ml
Made to Measure Mask 200ml
Made to Measure Serum 100ml
Made to Measure Scalp Prep 100ml
Scalp Harmonisation

This ‘facial for your scalp’ tailored to your individual needs begins with a detoxing cleanse, followed by a deeply nourishing active-rich treatment mask, and massage to boost the transport of nutrients from root to tip.

Cuticle Repair

For damaged hair that needs repair, this treatment penetrates all three layers of the hair shaft, closes the cuticle and reconstructs the hair for a smooth, glossy finish.

Total Hydration

A deeply nourishing blend of oils restore dry, brittle hair, while also forming a protective film over the scalp to aid hydration retention.

Refreshing Cleansing Ritual

Detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory actives cut through oil, exfoliate and calm the skin, to deep clean and rebalance oily hair and scalps, leaving it fresh and clean.

Hair Filler

For hair that has thinned over time, this treatment drenches hair strands in a blend of high-performance proteins that bind to the hair shaft, dramatically thickening the hair in the process. 

Follicle Repair and Enhancement

Designed to be performed intradermally, these treatments get to work in the matrix cells of your hair, nurturing your follicles as well as the whole structure of your hair, from the medulla to the cuticle.

Retention Reset Treatment
Growth Accelerator Treatment
Shine Booster Treatment
Grey Prevention Treatment
Intense Hydration Treatment
Collagen Therapy Treatment
Balancing Treatment
Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment
Growth Factors Treatment
Hyperhidrosis Scalp Treatment

Cutting-Edge Add-Ons

Oxygen Therapy
Light Therapy
Vitamin Therapy
Ozone Therapy
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