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Bleu Comme Gris

Founded in 2008 by Vanessa Marrapodi, Bleu Comme Gris is a French children’s clothing brand renowned for creative and elegant choices, from party dresses and suits to charming accessories and even delicate perfumes. The designer credits fabric sourcing as a key part of the design process; everything from formalwear to casual daytime options are crafted with an emphasis on high-quality French materials, including Lyon silks, jacquards and Calais lace. Combining effortlessly stylish Parisian spirit with an understanding of what is practical for growing children, Blue Comme Gris captures the perfect balance of form and function with flawless attention to detail, turning one of life's necessities into cherished pieces that create precious memories.

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Textured Tweed Shorts primary image

Bleu Comme Gris

Textured Tweed Shorts

Lace Broderie Dress primary image

Bleu Comme Gris

Lace Broderie Dress