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How to Get the Most out of Your Skincare


You can have the best skincare stash in the business but the way you apply your moisturisers, serums and eye care could make all the difference to their results. There’s good reason why the world’s best make-up artists can take 20 minutes prepping models’ skin before make-up: do it right and the lift and glow is second to none. Practice these pro-approved moves to maximise the efficacy of your entire kit, plus stock up on the latest must-have additions.

Video of woman using moisturiser to hydrate her face


There’s a reason why the experts take their time over this staple skincare step: the right technique can be immediately uplifting. Facialist Michaella Bolder advises using an upward motion towards the cheekbones – or starting in between the brows and sweeping around to the temples – for a glow from the get-go.


"Apply pressure in an upward motion to boost circulation, reduce puffiness and tone facial muscles."

Video of man applying serum to his face


Rub at your peril – the best way to boost serum absorption is to gently pat product into the skin. Bolder advises dotting serum onto skin before delicately tapping it in with clean fingertips to pull product into the skin rather than simply rubbing it around the surface, in turn making our products work harder and our skincare spend go further. It’s also a genius trick to clear skin of excess fluid and toxins and "bring freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin’s surface, resulting in a healthier complexion overall."

Video of woman rubbing eye cream into her skin

Eye Care

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest of all, so it makes sense to treat this delicate area with serious TLC. The 'dab and swirl' method should be your go-to – simply dab your eye care under the eyes before swirling upwards around your orbital bone. This will prevent any fine line-aggravating rubbing or tugging while giving the eye area a more lifted appearance over time. A light touch also reduces product pick-up on your hands, so your eyes get all the benefits.

Video of woman using body care products

Body Care

We’ve all jumped out of the shower and speedily smeared on body cream (or skipped it altogether) but it’s worth luxuriating in the process for smooth limbs. Aesthetic doctor Dr Maryam Zamani highlights that your body care technique can even stimulate your lymph system, giving your immunity a boost.


"Use long, sweeping movements toward the heart to aid lymphatic drainage."

Video of a woman using a neck cream

Neck Creams

If you haven’t quite clocked it yet, application in an upward direction is the general rule of thumb. The same goes for neck cream. Dr Zamani highlights that "using upward motions helps to prevent skin from sagging, aids lifting and firming, encourages fluid drainage and generally improves the skin’s appearance." Smooth a luxurious neck treatment onto fingertips and work product up towards the jawline for a stimulating morning or end-of-day massage, not to mention more taut skin. If a neck cream isn’t typically part of your routine, it will be now.

Woman using a luxe face mask


It’s time to take ten and tool up – applying a mask with a purpose-built skincare tool not only reduces bathroom mess but it also ensures even application. A silicone paddle style applicator keeps things hygienic as it won’t allow bacteria to fester, while the soft applicator will 'glide' your mask of choice over your skin and encourage you to use just the right amount of product. Having let your mask get to work, the tip of the applicator can be used to softly ease product away from the skin.

  • Director of PhotographyJEAN-PIERRE WHITFIELD
  • Beauty EditorOLIVIA DE COURCY
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