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Up to 50% off winter essentials – Shop Now

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Three Ways to Wear: a Trench Coat


A seamless marriage of function and fashion, the trench coat epitomises all that we’ve come to expect from outerwear: polish, practicality, and elegance to spare. From its military beginnings, the wardrobe mainstay’s versatility is much affirmed – but for those who haven’t yet been convinced, read on…

Off Duty, On Point

A trench coat’s work is never done… even at the weekend. Equipped to effortlessly elevate a pared-down wardrobe, its traditional silhouette can be brought into the now with trending white jeans and an oversized-collar shirt. Ground the look in off-duty cool with a pair of box-fresh sneakers.

How to Wear Harrods:  Two bags are better than one! Keep essentials close in a structured cross-body, but have a trusty tote on hand for on-the-go purchases.

Soft Power Dressing

Out of the trenches and into the office, the once military-grade uniform now holds its own as a bulletproof boardroom staple. A softer alternative to the power-shoulder overcoat, the trench commands respect through its quietly confident elegance. 

How to Wear Harrods:   Though not to be attempted in high winds, ‘shrobing’ (read: shoulder robing) capitalises on a trench coat’s fluid silhouette while infusing your ensemble with serious style kudos.

Cocktail Hour

In matters of after-dark glamour, it’s the outside that counts – your outerwear, that is! No dress looks good with goose bumps, so throw over a trench  to frame the silky little black dress beneath and make your arrival even more arresting. 

How to Wear Harrods:  What’s eveningwear without an extra hint of glamour? For a clutch with pizzazz, opt for a plume of chartreuse feathers.

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