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What Your Sneakers Say About You


A lot about a man can be gleaned by his shoes… No less his sneakers. Promoted through the ranks from track-and-field staple to footwear stardom – thanks to a new guard of cult brands as well as some noteworthy favourites – sneakers are ubiquitous in every scenario. So, which trainer tribe are you in?

The Collector

His wardrobe is brimming with retro sportswear; his style, laced with nostalgia (in every sense). The Collector's  look may be inspired by all things old-school – but his taste has withstood  the  test of time. He's a  master of acquiring  the rarest  vintage finds, avidly seeking out those  sneaker icons  that grow more sought-after with age. His aesthetic? A slam dunk. 


The Smooth Operator

It’s not beyond  the  realms of recent memory that sneakers might be a matter of dress code sacrilege. Oh, how times have changed! The Smooth Operator knows that pristine kicks are the modern gentleman’s answer to loafers or brogues. With a wardrobe that combines classic and contemporary aesthetics, his seemingly effortless outfits put a fresh spin on tradition.

Eric Rutherford wears a pale purple suit with white sneakers
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Alexander McQueen

Leather Show Sneakers


The Man of the Moment

Always one step ahead of the curve, the Man of the Moment knows that time is of the essence when it comes to trends. Most likely to be spotted in a queue for the latest cult-brand launch, he inhabits the coolest neighbourhoods – and has a wardrobe to match. Safe money says he'll be wearing the season’s hottest trainers before anyone else.

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