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Expert Tips

A Glowing Tribute

Glowing skin: it’s one of the most coveted make-up looks, with products aplenty promising to deliver the sometimes-elusive natural radiance. Gone are the days when a matte complexion was the look du jour, for 2018 and beyond it’s all about the glow. While shimmering cheeks and glossy lips are the perfect place to start, make-up artist Kristina Ralph Andrews and hair stylist Anna Cofone share how to carry the light-reflecting finish through your routine, with lustrous hair, shimmering limbs and party-ready eyebrows.

  • First things first, Kristina shares: "before turning to make-up, skincare is the absolute foundation for radiance as smooth, hydrated skin reflects light better. At night, use a glycolic acid to exfoliate and take time to massage a hydrating oil into your skin."

  • Red lips editorial shoot Harrods
  • Glowing cheek editorial Harrods
  • "Add dimension to a bold red lip by layering clear gloss over a lipstick and liner."
    Kristina Ralph Andrews
Eye gloss pink Harrods

"Highlight should be applied anywhere that naturally catches the light: cheekbones, bridge of nose, inner eyes, Cupid’s bow and brow bone," says Kristina. When creating a full-face look, "avoid placing around the T-zone or areas that are naturally shinier, as there’s a chance of looking oily rather than dewy." A trend that’s pushing the boundaries of highlighting is eye gloss: "I like to add a central highlight too, using an eye gloss to make the eyes pop. Tap a thin layer across eyelids and finish with a waterproof mascara to avoid transfer," says Kristina. For a modern take on colour, tie the entire look together by matching the tones of the gloss to the blush and lipstick.

For a more dramatic look, take it one step further to define hair and brows with a flattering gleam. "Healthy hair is key for this look; in between regular trims, use a moisturising cream mixed with a little oil for added shine," suggests Anna. "The light-reflecting twisted plait is easy to achieve by smoothing the hair with a softening cream, separating it in to two sections and twisting in opposite directions, before wrapping the sections around each other and fixing at the bottom." 

  • Glitter Eyebrows Harrods
  • Glossy Hair Editorial Harrods
  • "Dial-up brows for the evening using a waxy-textured pencil and shimmering brow mascara."
    Kristina Ralph Andrews

Adding highlight to the body is the perfect finish to a glowing look. "It’s best to use a body oil or cream with added shimmer, rather than a powder, as the skin will absorb some of the product for a natural, hydrated effect," explains Kristina. "Add it to shoulders, collarbones, down the forearms and the shins for a healthy, party-ready radiance."

Body Glow Felicity Ingram for Harrods