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Inside Salon De Parfums

An olfactory treasure trove on the Sixth Floor at Harrods, since its opening in 2014, Salon de Parfums has firmly established itself as the ultimate destination for purveyors of fine fragrance. Home to 17 bespoke brand boutiques, showcasing haute perfume powerhouses as well as need-to-know niche artisans including Henry Jacques, Guerlain, Chanel and more, the opportunity to delve into a world of rare, intoxicating scents and unmissable exclusives is not to be missed.

Inside Salon de Parfums

The Icons

From Roja Dove to Clive Christian and more, Salon de Parfums wouldn't be what it is without haute parfumerie's ultimate stalwarts...

Roja Dove

Prepare to be dazzled by the array of fragrances, handpicked by Roja Dove himself, in his eponymous boutique. Chosen for their creativity, quality and innovation, Dove describes the experience of finding the right scent for the wearer: "Within the comfort of Salon de Parfums, clients are encouraged to close their eyes, inhale, and let their emotions take over."

  • Dior Perfume
  • "A sensory haven for the fragrance connoisseur."

Christian Dior

The creative vision of Master Perfumer François Demachy comes to life in the Christian Dior boutique. "Dior at Salon de Parfums is about creating a personal experience," enthuses Carl Groenewald, the house's National Fragrance Ambassador. "It's an investigation into a person's favourite flowers, fragrance families and scent memories. It's about sitting down, spending that time and finding your signature fragrance; much like a bespoke couture Dior gown specifically made for you." Showcasing La Collection Privée Christian Dior, an elegant family of sensational scents using only the finest ingredients sourced from the Dior Garden, and the breathtaking Les Amphores Dior, alongside best-selling favourites, it's all too easy to while away an afternoon here.

"Why Salon de Parfums? It's the best perfume delivery in the best department store in the world."
Clive Christian

Clive Christian

Unashamedly British, Clive Christian has reinvigorated a rich heritage of national perfumery since stepping in as custodian of The Crown Perfumery Co. in 1999. Using only the most extraordinary of ingredients, Clive Christian presents three fragrance families within its sumptuous boutique; The Original Collection, unchanged to this day; The Private Collection, a modern celebration of fine perfumery; and The Noble Collection, an olfactive homage to notable periods in British architecture and design history. "The world of perfume tends to focus on releases, and I've never wanted to operate in that manner," explains Christian. "To me a perfume house should gather things together to create a family of perfumes. The experience that someone has then when visiting Salon de Parfums is with enough time to understand where the brand came from, its principles and discovering the different feelings from those fragrance families."

Perfume As Poetry

Step into Floraïku's ryokan-inspired boutique and revel in the unique fusion of Japanese culture, fine fragrance and poetry. Sit and sip tea as your knowledgeable master of ceremonies guides you through the 11-strong collection of South Asian-inspired scents. Each presented with an ornate cap representative of its name, every fragrance also has its own haiku composed by Floraïku's Co-Creator Clara Molloy. "It's not really a haiku as such," explains Clara, "you have to be Japanese to write true haikus. It's my interpretation of a haiku, exploring how I feel about the fragrance". But it's not a case of one before the other when it comes to poems and perfumes, explains one of the brand's two perfumers, Sophie Labbé. "It is a mutual relationship. The words inspire the fragrance, and the fragrance inspires the words. It is wonderful as a perfumer to have such creative inspiration." From the delicate tea notes, tree-grown florals and deep ouds, to the idea of shadowing rather than layering perfume, the poetic collection is sure to inspire the senses.


Bespoke Creations

Develop a nose for notes alongside expert perfumers to craft a scent that is completely tailored to you…


Quintessentially British perfumer Penhaligon's, a firm favourite thanks to its quirky fragrance stories and rich history, now offers not only fragrance profiling but a semi-bespoke and bespoke service in the comfort of its opulent Salon de Parfums boutique. The semi-bespoke service, created by renowned perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, first invites you to select a base note from the chypre, wood, amber and oriental olfactory families; your chosen base note is then layered with your choice of signature essence – Rose Centifolia Absolute, Oud Wood Essence, Iris or Sandalwood – and blended in the in-house laboratory.

For those looking for ultimate personalisation, however, Bespoke by Alberto Morillas takes you on a journey to craft a perfume that is truly one of a kind. Following an initial interview to understand your emotive relationship with scent, Penhaligon's and Morillas work together to create your dream scent. A beautifully creative process taken over an extensive period of time, where your input and directions are held in the highest respect, your finished perfume is delivered in a chest containing two handmade and custom-designed 200ml bottles, flanked with a travel atomiser and funnel.


Ex Nihilo

Alternative Parisian perfumer Ex Nihilo is an established Salon de Parfums favourite, aiming to rejuvenate the world of haute perfumery with innovative technology and a demi-bespoke service to fulfil your every perfume desire. Thanks to the exquisite nature of the ingredients used in each perfume, the Salon de Parfums boutique is the perfect place to concoct your perfect scent under expert guidance. Weighed and measured right in front of you, it offers a captivating glimpse into the unlimited potential of avant-garde perfumery.

"Salon de Parfums really is a unique space; it pushes the boundaries of fragrance experience. I don't know of any equivalent"
Benoît Verdier, Ex Nihilo Co-Founder

Go Niche

Take the hunt for your new signature fragrance into the realm of niche perfumery...

Frédéric Malle

Born from an endeavour to give total creative freedom back to perfumers, Frédéric Malle's Editions de Parfums works with some of the world's greatest perfumers to produce completely unique fragrance. "My goal is to push them to their creative limit," says Malle, speaking of the vast array of noses creating perfumes for Les Editions. "Our shared goal is always the same – to create the modern classics of tomorrow. Truly innovative perfumes that stand the test of time." Dedicated to helping you find your ultimate signature fragrance, scents are designed to merge with the wearer's skin. It's all about substance over prettiness.

Strangelove NYC

A must for adventurous noses, Strangelove NYC's four scents all hinge on a core of rare, sustainable, pure oud. Framed by unexpected ingredients, such as ambergris for the sea-salt tang of silencethesea, to the gourmand chocolate in meltmyheart, the collection of perfumes, oils and jewellery is most definitely one for the bold.

"You have to be quite childlike with finding perfume – you have to play and explore. Salon de Parfums is the perfect place for that."
Christophe Laudamiel, Strangelove NYC Master Perfumer


Pure orris butter is at the heart of Strangelove NYC's chocolatey, spicy scent. 


An intoxicating concoction, lostinflowers sees delicate garden flowers mixed with saffron and oud. 

The Merchant Of Venice

Lovers of history and fine art will find their perfect match in The Merchant of Venice. Inspired by the bustling trade of ancient Venice, the collection draws on heady spices, rich leathers and dramatic ouds – all rare raw materials typical of the Venetian trade routes. Presented in beautiful vases and flacons, perfume is elevated to art. "I'll tell you a secret," confides The Merchant of Venice perfumer Alexandra Monet: "Fragrance always smells better in a nice bottle. Obviously the smell and sillage is very important, but the experience you have with perfume is so special. Fragrance is all about emotion and a beautiful bottle ties into that."


A relative newcomer to the perfume scene, Sospiro found its compelling identity through fusing the rich heritage of Italian and Mediterranean perfumery with the mystery of Middle Eastern culture. The blend of oriental base notes and bright Mediterranean heart notes results in a truly hypnotic collection. Supported by the romantic Arabic tale of a desert butterfly leading to love, the touch of a butterfly's wing is replicated in the velvet boxes, while purple butterflies adorn the Salon de Parfums boutique's walls for a multi-sensory experience. "Perfume is creating dreams at the end of the day," says Founder Perfumer Sergio Momo. "Those dreams need to be challenging and bring something emotional and modern to the table."

Discover the full experience for yourself by visiting Salon de Parfums in-store at Harrods on the Sixth Floor.