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Inside The Wellness Clinic

Inside The Harrods Wellness Clinic

At the forefront of integrative beauty and wellness, Harrods presents an innovative space: The Wellness Clinic, bringing together world-renowned experts – both permanent and visiting – from the fields of wellbeing, aesthetics, dermatology and lifestyle. Offering a holistic range of signature services, from cryotherapy and acupuncture to nutrition and spiritual healing, it's the ultimate one-stop destination, with treatment plans tailored to the individual.

"Integrative beauty is exceptionally exciting right now, and it really speaks to the mind, body and soul," explains Annalise Fard, Harrods Beauty and Home Director. "The Wellness Clinic is our approach to this, so that's the best of the aesthetic beauty world, combined with a much more holistic approach to beauty and treatments."

Sharing their expertise and outlining their approaches to the services on offer, discover more from the resident experts themselves…

Dr. Costas Papageorgiou of NYDG

Award-winning facial aesthetic surgeon Dr. Costas Papageorgiou MD FACS, part of New York Dermatology Group (NYDG), specialises in aesthetic procedures for the face using minimally invasive techniques.

"The Wellness Clinic is a very interesting multi-disciplinary platform that approaches wellness and anti-ageing from an innovative and comprehensive perspective. The facilities are state of the art and the technologies are implemented by a select group of highly skilled physicians. NYDG and I are thrilled to be part of this collaborative platform focusing on wellness and beauty," he shares. 

Good skincare is so important to Dr Papageorgiou because "our skin is a primary indicator of facial aging. Factors like sun exposure, genetics, stress, lifestyle and hormonal changes affect skin tone and elasticity as well as the ability to adjust to the underlying volume loss that occurs with age. As a person ages, the metabolism of the skin cells gradually declines and the dermis loses its strength and flexibility."

Explaining about the treatments he offers and the process, he adds: "At NYDG, our multi-dynamic rejuvenation approach starts with 3D imaging, where we provide the patient with the tools to understand the intricate mechanisms of facial ageing. We customise signature treatment plans for each individual face, guiding patients through treatments that can enhance their appearance in the context of their clinical needs."

"I cannot imagine a better phrase to capture the transcendental definition of wellness than 'Mens sana in corpore sano' – a healthy mind in a healthy body."
Dr. Costas Papageorgiou

The Louise Parker Method

Taking a holistic approach to fitness, lifestyle and nutrition, Louise Parker is a leading figure in a new approach to body transformation. Anti-dieting and anti-short term 'fixes', Parker and her team work with the client to encourage and empower them to make adjustments and set achievable goals that can then become lifetime practices. "Our focus is very much on changing people's lifestyles and habits, and the way they live their lives," Parker shares. "Weight loss is really the side effect of the Louise Parker Method, rather than the sole purpose. We really focus on getting people off that diet rollercoaster and help them reorganise their lifestyle habits."

Breaking down the Method into key pillars, she explains: "It comes in three phases, so our first program is called Transform, then phase two is Balance – in this phase it's all about the individual, based on personal preferences and lifestyles and we teach our clients how to manage it all. It’s really important to consolidate learnings and make new habits as that’s what will sustain the results. We’re not interested in short-term results, we want our clients to do our program once and it's done."

Once the Balance phase is mastered, phase three is about Lifestyle, says Parker; "it’s all about managing sleep and stress, and there are tools and tricks that we use to help our clients do that. The fourth pillar is Mindset, and that's huge – it’s everything. The minute you believe you can do it, you can."

"To me, wellness is about feeling comfortable in your skin and enjoying a full life."
Louise Parker

Reiki Master

Reiki Master Janet Waters introduces spirituality to The Wellness Clinic with an ancient Japanese hands-on healing technique that promotes wellness in mind, body and spirit.

"Reiki brings healing to all our four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual," says Waters. The unique method is known to provide relief from a variety of symptoms including aches and pains, fatigue, depression and anxiety. "One of the greatest Reiki healing benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities via our immune system."

A non-invasive treatment that’s engrained in energy channelling, Reiki is applied via the hands and activated by touch. "We all have a life force energy that flows through our bodies in energy pathways called meridians," explains Waters. "This energy field responds to everything we experience, and becomes blocked with any negativity. Reiki works to help clear these blocks and imbalances."

Waters believes that wellness is rooted in inner peace, achieved through self-love; "When you achieve this everything else falls into place and life is a joy," she says.

Inside The Harrods Wellness Clinic

The Elixir Clinic

From boosting energy levels to aiding hydration, intravenous vitamin infusions have grown in popularity across the globe over recent years. Bringing a unique service to Harrods, Mahi Aramideh of The Elixir Clinic explains: "We specialise in VitaDrips – what we call our IV infusions – and they’re created only for wellbeing and wellness. We live in an environment that is quite toxic and so what we want to do is to detox the body and promote wellbeing."

With different blends focused to support various concerns, including Adrenal Fatigue VitaDrip, Antioxidant VitaDrip, Radiance VitaDrip and Jet Lag VitaDrip, Aramideh shares: "All the IVs are based on vitamins, minerals and amino acids – but there are different cocktails. In all our basic cocktails you have vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, the B complex, and a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The main purpose of each cocktail is to support anti-ageing, detoxing and overall wellbeing. By taking them intravenously it goes directly into your blood stream, passing by the digestive system, so your body absorbs it that way."

Sharing the treatment procedure, Aramideh explains: "After completing a medical history, the client comes to the clinic and sees the doctor, then we try to understand more about their lifestyle. Once this is complete we go ahead with an IV infusion. People come in and ask us how many they should have, but it really depends on the body – we look at the individual."

"What wellness in general means to us, is to have the wellness in body and in mind. You need to feel good inside and out."
Mahi Aramideh

Gen Identity

Innovative skincare brand Gen Identity brings its unique approach to bespoke skincare products exclusively to The Wellness Clinic. Using DNA samples taken from each guest, combined with a lifestyle assessment, the team can develop a tailored regime, as well as prescribe customised skincare products.

"We have developed a unique personalised cosmetic treatment for the skin based on the analysis of the DNA of each person," Jose Maria Garcia Anton explains. The treatment consists of a DNA test made from a sample of saliva. We then take pictures of the skin to have a base to compare the results and the client fills out a 'lifestyle' questionnaire. We analyse the DNA and prepare a complete diagnosis to treat the skin problems. This diagnosis is made by an algorithm that mixes the results of the DNA test with the answers in the lifestyle questionnaire, and is supervised by a doctor. Based on this diagnostic, we offer a personalised facial cream."

Inside The Harrods Wellness Clinic


Renowned skincare expert and founder of 111Skin and 111Cryo, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides has a wealth of expertise in the field of dermatology and aesthetics. With his cult skincare line 111Skin stocked at Harrods, Dr. Alexandrides brings his cutting-edge Cryotherapy Chamber – designed to boost recovery post-exercise and offer skin brightening and restorative properties – to The Wellness Clinic.

"Whole-body cryotherapy is a treatment that was discovered in the '70s by a doctor who found it to have many benefits to the body, one of them being an improvement to the appearance of the skin," Dr. Alexandrides explains. "I started cryotherapy because I really believe in it and have seen the benefits myself. Many athletes use it to recover from intense exercise and to improve performance, but it’s also used for other reasons, too. It's for people who have a busy life, for people who have muscular pain – or for people who just want support to get a better night's sleep, and it can help support healthy weight loss he shares."

On how the Cryotherapy Chamber works, Dr. Alexandrides reveals: "By getting into a very cold environment, the body goes into a fight-or-flight mode. This means it has to work harder, so it increases the basic metabolic rate, which means it needs to burn more calories. That's not just for the three minutes in the chamber, it's actually for hours after, too."

Always with an integrated approach to his practice, Dr. Alexandrides' 111Skin was first created to meet the skin-healing needs of his patients and evolved from there. "The skin is the biggest organ, it's what separates our body from the environment. And it's not just about beauty, it's about health. When we have healthy skin we feel better and we live better quality lives; I think it's paramount, and I think it's important to start preserving this valuable organ from a young age."

"Wellness is taken from the Ancient Greeks, and means a healthy mind and a healthy body. So it's not just about fixing one problem, it's more about having good balance within yourself and being content, on top of being healthy."
Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Five Element Acupuncture With Ross Barr

Specialising in a type of Chinese medicine called Five Element Acupuncture, combined with various other techniques including Seitai therapy and cosmetic acupuncture, Ross Barr looks to the client's individual needs to create a bespoke treatment plan to support and enhance wellbeing.

"Five Element Acupuncture is an integrated type of acupuncture that uses traditional Chinese medicine alongside a type of acupuncture that is a lot more emotive based," Barr explains. "Fundamentally, it's about the manipulation of chi and the treatment of that chi. Chi is the motive force for everything throughout the body, it helps distribute blood, it supports organs to do their job. In the simplest terms, it’s kind of an electric current that flows through us."

On acupuncture supporting wellbeing, he adds: "If it’s something that the body can heal itself, acupuncture can help invigorate that process. These days, especially, working in cities like London, I treat a lot of exhaustion, fatigue and stress, and that covers all ages and demographics. It’s all about trying to figure out as much as we can about an individual in order to help them."

Combining treatments with Seitai therapy, Barr shares: "Seitai is a type of Japanese osteopathy, Japanese acupuncture. We use acupressure and techniques to massage acupuncture points. There’s also cosmetic acupuncture," he adds. "It’s a combination of using traditional acupuncture to support organs to do their job properly. What I like about it is that it’s not just about looking better, but about feeling better as well."

"Wellness is about balance: not putting pressure on yourself to be wholly 'healthy', but doing the right things 80% of the time."
Ross Barr

Osteopath Fernando Bidino

Fernando Bidino, an integrated specialist with degrees in Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and training in Chiropractic Care brings his specialism to The Wellness Clinic. 

A holistic-medical hybrid, "osteopathy is a primary health profession that distinguishes itself as a complete system of prevention, diagnosis and treatment based on a 'whole person' approach; we recognise that though a specific organ or system may become the prime focus of illness, the effects that illness can be felt in some degree throughout the entire body," explains Bidino. "My speciality is to address the physical dysfunctional elements in question and provide a hands-on treatment and exercise prescription to bring fast and effective pain relief, while looking to discover the causes of patients’ pain and not just treat the symptoms."

The bigger picture is central to osteopathic practices, and is something that Bidino focuses on right from the initial treatment to determine the cause. "Physical trauma is just one of three important factors that influences the person’s state of wellbeing," he shares. "I describe them as 'Triple Ts': Thoughts, Trauma and Toxins. During the initial consultation, all aspects are considered to influence a treatment approach, be that advising on nutrition and stress control or referring to another specialist to complement my treatment."

"Wellness means being well balanced in all three important physiological levels: nutritionally, mechanically and mentally."
Fernando Bidino

Dr. David Jack

One of London’s top aesthetic specialists, Dr. David Jack brings his cosmetic medicine expertise to The Wellness Clinic. "We’re moving into a phase of regenerative medicine and integrative wellness," he explains. "It’s about looking at a more holistic approach to things – at how body health influences your skin and at skin health overall, too. It's all interlinked and that's the beauty of The Wellness Clinic – it brings so many principles together, and you'll find that the benefit of each individual treatment will be greater if you combine them."

With an emphasis on working with regeneration and restorative practices, Dr. Jack continues: "The aim of the treatments is to try to restore what you had in the past – a more youthful appearance. We are introducing a skin treatment called the Egyptian ‘Resurfacing’ Technique, along with offering peels and needle shaping."

And, on wellness, he shares: "Wellness to me means good health – so it encompasses every aspect of your life. I think it’s about good living, good skin, good general health and doing what you can to maintain it."

The Wellness Clinic will continue to scour the globe for innovative practitioners to add to this list. For a full list of treatments and information on how to book an appointment, visit The Wellness Clinic In-Store Services page.