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Expert Tips

Skincare Technique With Su-Man

Su-Man Facialist tips and techniques

Treating skin from an East-meets-West perspective, former dancer, Shiatsu therapist and award-winning facialist, Su-Man draws from eclectic life experiences to create her unique approach to skincare. And, counting A-listers among her clients, she has some of the most sought-after hands in the business…

Su-Man's Philosophy

"You can have good skin, but it can look dull, blocked. The body is designed to move, to be able to be free, to express. Healthy muscle-tone is bouncy, not saggy or too tight. And facial muscles should be the same. It's all about the energy flow. Getting the balance both prevents and corrects skin concerns."

Prevention and Correction…

"In Chinese culture everything we do, what we eat, what we treat our skin with, is all about prevention. By looking to prevention rather than just correction, not only is it anti-ageing, to unblock and release all that stuck energy, but it also renews the skin's natural vitality.

"Often people don't know why their skin feels so tight. It has a lot to do with how much stress we hold onto in our neck and shoulders. Your skincare regime should be about building a relationship with your skin."


"Hydration and moisturisation are very different. Both are needed, but often people don't consider the hydration element. It is hydration that keeps the skin plump, while the moisturisation prevents the water being evaporated from the skin's surface, keeping the skin soft and smooth and holding all the skincare elements together.

"Your first step should be to drink water. Then beauty begins with a clean face, so cleanse carefully. Next you use your toner and serum - these are very important as they are the hydration elements to plump the skin. Then comes the moisturiser to lock it all in. I call it five a day - cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturiser plus an exfoliator once or twice a week depending on your skin-type."

  • Su-Man facial technique and tips
  • "Five minutes of facial massage a day can reduce the effects of time. Massage firmly, moving the muscles under the skin, instead of pulling the surface."

"A lot of people don't know how to use a product and just put it on expecting the results. To get best out of it, follow its guidance on technique. In my approach it is all about the massage and technique in application of my skincare products. When you work them into your skin effectively, not only are they activated, but this process is a release of tension, perfect for drainage and de-puffing, awakening the muscles and increasing skin's energy.

"Five minutes of facial massage a day can reduce the effects of time. Always massage firmly, moving the muscles under the skin, instead of pulling the surface, which can cause damage. This increases microcirculation and warms the skin, allowing it to absorb product more effectively. Each product can have a different application technique. For the eyes, it's important to be careful as the skin is thinner. Apply pressure across frown lines, then try a zigzag motion under the eye when massaging wrinkles in that area.

"A good tip for dry skin on the body is to add a little drop of serum to your body cream to help give it that boost. For extra dry skin, try applying the serum directly, then leave a little damp before applying moisturiser to really lock in the hydration."

Su-Man's Two Minute Facial