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Tata Harper Talks Natural Beauty

Tata Harper

Beauty pioneer, Tata Harper, is changing the natural skincare game. Unable to find 100% natural, non-toxic, luxury products on the market, the industrial engineer started her eponymous line in 2010 and hasn’t looked back…

Somewhat of a beauty icon, Tata Harper left behind a lucrative career in industrial engineering to launch her world-renowned beauty line of science-first, results-driven natural skincare. Aimed at the woman who is conscious of what she puts on her skin, Harper is working hard to rid natural beauty of its bohemian connotations and bringing it to the forefront of pioneering science in skincare; all from her family farm in Vermont, USA…

Tata Harper is a brand made for the modern woman. We don’t entertain synthetic chemicals whatsoever, and our philosophy is 'more is more': each of our products is packed with the best ingredients, often four or five times the amount of a standard serum. We are wholeheartedly a natural brand but the main purpose of skincare is the result – that’s why people buy skincare – they don’t buy it primarily for political or environmental statements, so first and foremost, it has to be about the results.

We make all Tata Harper products on my farm in Vermont. Most ingredients are grown there, particularly the five flowers that go into our anti-inflammatory, vitamin-rich Estate Grown Beauty Complex that is found in almost all our products: arnica, meadowsweet, calendula, borage and alfalfa. For anything we don’t grow, our team scour the world for the highest quality raw materials, bringing ingredients to make into bottles at the farm. We currently buy from 68 countries around the world and have a catalogue of over 300 raw ingredients.

"It’s not just about creating a natural moisturiser, it’s about creating the best natural moisturiser that money can buy."

My definition of natural beauty lies in the ingredients, the raw material that grows on the earth. There are no regulations per se, but there are third-party certifiers like Ecocert who regulate that our products are derived from 100% natural ingredients and have organic content, which means that the ingredient was farmed without genetically modified seeds, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers.

The fact that natural beauty doesn’t work as hard as lab-based concoctions is a huge misconception. Often brands will sell you 'natural' on the basis of one natural active but that’s padded out with other synthetics that don’t do anything for your skin. Cutting-edge science still happens with natural ingredients, and it’s only becoming more advanced.

Tata Harper office

The Elixir Vitae Serum is the product of which I’m most proud. It’s got pretty hardcore science behind it, including new technology from Germany that increases the diameter of your fat cells – essentially making them fatter – so you regain volume, mimicking the results of injectables. A cocktail of neuropeptides – protein-like molecules that signal to the skin to the delay ageing process – also gives a botox-like effect. 

For someone just discovering Tata Harper, there are three products I’d recommend. The Rejuvenating Serum, the Restorative Eye Cream and the Reparative Moisturiser. They are our hero products, along with the Regenerating Cleanser, a daily exfoliator, and the jelly Resurfacing Mask. Whenever my skin needs a glowing boost I’ll apply a thick layer of the cleanser and seal it in with the Resurfacing Mask. That hack really works.

The treatment of adult acne is something I want to change, which is why we created the Clarifying range. The problem is in how the mass market treats it, with benzoyl peroxide, acetone and alcohol, to dry out the skin. Skin biologists had a huge influence in the Clarifying range, finding solutions for not just sebum reduction but the full picture: redness, inflammation, bacteria, sebum and enlarged pores. From 120 ingredients that we know can alleviate the symptoms, we tested and tested – for things like pH and viscosity – until we were left with the final formula.

Tata's Top Picks

My daily skincare routine is just like my brand philosophy: more is more. I use the same core anti-ageing products day and night, as I’ve learnt you’ll only see results if the same product is used every twelve hours. I also mix multiple products. For example, I use three serums: two pumps of Elixir Vitae, two pumps of the Boosted Contouring Serum and two of the Concentrated Brightening Serum, morning and evening. To complete my routine, for the morning, I like the Reparative Moisturiser and the Restorative Eye Cream, and for night I switch it up for the thick Crème Riche and Boosted Contouring Eye Mask. 

When I’m travelling, I swear by the Hydrating Floral Essence. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid and I seal it in with the Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil to keep my skin hydrated from the drying, recirculating aeroplane air. I don’t take a skincare edit with me: I travel with everything.

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I wish that everyone knew how amazing the results from natural beauty are and that it’s the ultimate luxury. It’s luxurious to be able to put all these amazing ingredients on your face and not have to use things packed with toxic chemicals that belong in cars and machines. How is that supposed to make you more beautiful?

Tata’s Daily Routine