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Expert Tips

The GloPRO Guide To Microneedling

Heralded as a non-invasive route to glowing, youthful skin, microneedling, which involves puncturing the epidermis by rolling tiny needles over the skin, is the latest clinical treatment to find its way into your home thanks to Beautybio Science's GloPRO creation. With three cutting-edge technologies working together to promote firmer, smoother skin, the GloPRO at-home microneedling tool is set to become your go-to beauty gadget...

GloPRO hero image

Why Use Microneedling?

"To really rejuvenate the skin you have to wound it," explains GloPRO co-founder Jamie O'Banion. "The skin's rejuvenation process only starts when the skin thinks it has been injured. On a microscopic level, you're creating micro-channels down into the dermis, parting the cells and forcing the production of new skin cells." Indeed, it’s the wounding action that promotes hyper-production of collagen and elastin, tapping into the skin's regenerative response to promote firmer, younger-looking skin. The healing and cell-generating action can also be beneficial to those with acne scars and discolouration issues.

The Technology

GloPRO takes the technology of microneedling one step further by equipping its at-home devices with red LED therapy and Vibrotactile Stimulation™, the latter of which stimulates pressure receptors in the skin. The three systems work in synergy for immediate results. "We know that red LED helps stimulate collagen production," Jamie explains, "so first, you're creating a micro-cavity, then you're shining LED light down into it, followed by the Vibrotactile Stimulation™, all of which creates a domino effect down into the deepest layers of the skin.'

While standard topical application denies your serums, advanced treatments and moisturiser direct access into the skin, micro-needling locks in the active ingredients and allows them to treat the skin from the inside out. "It's like rediscovering your favourite skincare again when results have stalled," says Jamie. "It's an amazing way for you to enjoy the full benefits of your product."

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  • The At Home Glow With GloPRO 2

How To Use

The same careful preparation as in a treatment room applies, so ensure skin is thoroughly cleansed before wiping your face with the sterilising Skin Prep Pads. Target key areas that show signs of ageing or loss of volume, such as the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose-to-mouth lines. Focusing on each area individually, simply switch on your device and, using gentle pressure, roll over each area between four and ten times. To get the most out of the gadget, change direction with each pass rolling horizontally, vertically and diagonally over the area. Some minor tingling is completely normal, but the whole process is virtually pain-free and easily controlled by how much pressure you apply. Safe to use and non-invasive enough to use regularly, Jamie recommends adding it into your bedtime beauty routine two-to-three times a week. When you're finished, cleanse your GloPRO head with rubbing alcohol and store it in its handy travel case.

When it comes to using products post-treatment, Jamie suggests that most over-the-counter skincare is perfectly safe, but prescribed treatments from the dermatologist should be used with caution. If you have low-tolerance to retinoids, you should also avoid using your favourite retinol treatment on the nights you use the device. Collagen-boosting vitamin C serums and hyaluronic-enriched treatments are brilliant choices for an ultra-glow come morning.

The Result

"The thing I love the most about the GloPRO tool is that it's so comprehensive in its treatment," enthuses Jamie. "If you're focusing on wrinkles, you're going to see an improvement; if you've lost skin volume, you're going to see an improvement; whatever issue you have, you will see an improvement!" Regular use of GloPRO can promote a brighter, glowing complexion, as the intense stimulation of collagen production can help thicken skin for a firmer, plumper, more filled-in appearance that, over time, helps skin appear more youthful.