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The Magic Of Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf

Beloved for their innovative approach to design, Dutch duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren aka Viktor & Rolf are true fashion artists. Taking the stance that there's no distinction between the mediums, every piece in their storied collections has been artfully designed with couture sensibilities – think their Wearable Art and Van Gogh Girls collections, to name a few.

Extending this approach into the realm of olfactives, iconic scent Flowerbomb has been an enduring signature in their sartorial gamut for over a decade now, with Flowerbomb Bloom and The Magic Collection now weaving even more narrative into the Viktor & Rolf story.

Talking fragrance and fashion, the pair share a snapshot of their endearingly eccentric and eclectic world…

We wanted to create an airy, little sister to Flowerbomb.

Flowerbomb is such an icon, we had the idea of making a fragrance where the original scent was lifting off into the air. We were thinking about the word 'air' and we thought: "How can you make Flowerbomb smell like that? How do you do that?" When we smelt liquid air accord we thought: "That's it."

The idea was to have a bloom of flowers and fresh pomegranate on top.

Fruity, juicy, very sparkling, a burst of freshness and a lot of positive energy; when you smell it, you want to smile. It's really like having this positive attitude. Then at the heart of the perfume you still have the big bouquet of flowers: the big flowers, with freesia, the jasmine and the roses. And finally we added a new, very innovative ingredient that we call 'liquid air'. It's an accord.  

Flower Bomb
We continue to be amazed at how modern Flowerbomb still is.

It's such a surprise to see that it appeals to all ages, not just one age group or just the original clientele ageing with the fragrance, it attracts new girls.   

For us, fashion and fragrance are all intertwined; it all comes from one creative source.

In our minds everything is connected. It's essential for us to have that experiential element in our work. Often we start a season with an idea about the presentation. And the presentation will be an integral part of the conception of the collection.  

We really enjoy the artistic freedom of couture.

Couture is like a laboratory where we are free to experiment without the framework of an industry that has certain limitations and requirements, as with ready-to-wear. We call ourselves fashion artists, because this is a question we get a lot. For us, it's always fashion in whatever we do, but since we use so many mediums we don’t really answer the question of whether it's fashion or art - it's all one. Fragrance plays into this, as creatively we made it with exactly the same intention that's behind everything we do.  

We never really think about a target group, or a woman or a celebrity when designing.

For us, we make the things we want to make and then we send it out into the world, and it's for everybody who enjoys it and understands it.  

  • Viktor & Rolf Couture
  • "We really enjoy the artistic freedom of couture."
    Viktor & Rolf
  • Viktor & Rolf Couture
In the evolving digital landscape, we've noticed that so many people are aware of fashion, everybody knows what you're doing, which is great.

On the other side it has demystified things and we want to cling on to some kind of mystery, because we love the mystery of things. 

When we started thinking about The Magic Collection, we thought of a magic box, and of magical tricks which make the impossible possible.

Transformation is the key principle behind all of our fragrances, and behind everything we do for that matter. Each of the six fragrances is a new and compelling olfactory project and each name a surrealist riddle.

We knew we wanted to work with the most precious raw materials, such as lavender, sage and rose.

We also knew we wanted to make innovative combinations, to bring modernity and magic to the scents. For us, innovation was the driving force behind the whole collection. This innovation mainly came through the use of innovative synthetic accords. We presented the top three French fragrance houses with our concept, the name of the collection and the names of the fragrances, and, therefore, the raw materials to be used. The perfumers submitted the most innovative combinations possible and we then began smelling...