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The Beauty Prep With Doina Ciobanu

Sharing her take on an effortless, radiant look for everyday and then how to upscale it for a more shimmering evening effect, influencer and model Doina Ciobanu of The Golden Diamonds looks to TOM FORD Beauty to put a fresh twist on things...

This is an effortless signature look that makes the perfect base for other make-up looks or can be worn as is. It’s all about having a gorgeous natural glow for the day, but one that's also super-easy to build on for a more glamorous effect thanks to just a few additional steps.

Smooth, radiant natural skin is always the key to my beauty looks. I like to put the time into my skincare so that I don’t need to go too heavy with my base. I started this look by prepping skin with the divine Intensive Infusion Face Oil and Intensive Infusion Daily Moisturiser to really hydrate and boost. Next up was the Bronzing Primer, it’s the perfect base for me as it’s so lightweight and really gives a beautiful glow. I added the Waterproof Foundation Concealer to even out tone and the Concealing Pen to mask any imperfections. Then the colouring-in… Using the Shade and Illuminate  it’s a cult product for a reason – I added some definition to my bone structure. I also popped on some Cheek Color in Ravish, using the Skin Illuminating Powder Duo for night. For the eyes, I added the Eye Primer Duo and then swept on my favourite earthy tones from the Eye Color Quad, lining with a High Definition Eyeliner and Eye Defining Pencil to bring out the eye shape. Ultra Length Mascara in Raven for the evening look is a must. For lips, I used an Ultra-Rich Lip Color in Revolve and, for night, upped the ante with the Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Tawny Pink.

  • Tom Ford Beauty
  • Tom Ford Beauty
  • "One thing I can’t do without are nude lipsticks."

I always describe my style as a cross-cultural mix of East meets West. Eastern Europe taught me an Eastern aristocratic elegance, while traveling into the West has cultivated a more relaxed and contemporary style. So I like a good mix of both.

My interest in beauty actually came out of my love of fashion. Beauty is such a major part of how we present ourselves, it’s a natural fit with fashion, which is why I decided to start talking more about it from a style perspective. So whenever I do beauty features, be that for magazines or my own media, I always have it tied to how my fashion and beauty looks work together. 

My mum didn't actually let me put on make-up until I was about 16. I think that was such an important part of my education though. I grew up understanding the importance of healthy skin and about make-up being applied and removed correctly, which has such a big impact on me in the long run.

My skincare routine is now quite complex. It's not exactly the 12-step Korean style, but it's close. My ultimate skin secrets are an ice face massage in the morning and drinking lots of water throughout the day  it may sound obvious, but it is essential. 

One of my key beauty rules is to always take your make-up off before bed. No matter how late it is or how you’re feeling, you can't sleep with your make-up on as it’s so bad for your skin, not to mention your pillow...

  • Doina Ciobanu
  • "Cleopatra and Sophia Loren are my ultimate beauty muses."
  • Still life Tom Ford

Cleopatra and Sophia Loren are my ultimate beauty muses. Cleopatra because she was always in search of new scents to attract those around her, as well as being an innovator with her make-up. People used to say she had magical powers, but it was all just good knowledge of female beauty and how to enhance it.  Sophia Loren because she was aware of the fact that her eyes were her strength and emphasised this by learning the best make-up to really make them pop.

I get a lot of my ideas to try different beauty looks from YouTubers. They always inspire me to go beyond my comfort zone and try new things. The approachable and practical way they break a look down into manageable steps, really gives me confidence to try it. 

If I could only take one beauty item onto a desert island with me it would have to be coconut oil. It’s versatile and can be used as a skin moisturiser and hair masque.

One thing I can’t do without are nude lipsticks - they’re my absolute day-to-day favourites. For this TOM FORD has the colour range and formulation nailed. They’re probably the most hydrating lipsticks I’ve ever tried and there’s so many amazing shades to try.

When it comes to my scent profile, the idea of unisex perfume is so cool to me. It gives this feeling of freedom and uniqueness as it smells so different on men and women. My boyfriend gifted me TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille four years ago and both of us have been hooked on it ever since.