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The Eyebrows Guide

eyebrow guide

When it comes to beauty, there are some things that will completely transform your look, no matter how minimally you change them. Eyebrows are one of those things. And with strong brows officially back on the agenda, there's a host of tools and tips on how to get that perfect arch.

From complementing your face shape and taking you from day to evening, to the secrets behind regrowth, we spoke to Eyebrow Technician Nimisha Mistry about the best ways to get beautiful brows...

Face Shape

Eyebrows are key to complementing your face shape. People like to follow the trends, but it's much better to go for what suits you.

- A round face doesn’t suit rounded eyebrows as this will only emphasise a round face; they should be more arched so that they stretch the face slightly.

- For a heart-shaped face, eyebrows should be slightly arched and lifted at the ends to complement the wider part of the heart shape at the top.

- If you have a longer face and arched eyebrows, this will stretch your face even more, so make them a bit straighter with a small lift at the ends.

  • Don't just follow trends - work with your natural brows and enhance them to suit your face shape and look

Low-Maintenance Brows

- Get your brows professionally threaded once a month as this lasts longer, and you know each and every hair is coming out from the root, unlike waxing, where the hair can break and it doesn’t come out from the root.

- With tweezing you can’t remove every small hair, and as you have to do it every 3-4 days, it can be time-consuming. If, however, this is your chosen method, make Tweezerman your go-to for ultimate precision; a beauty-editor favourite, the brand's award-winning, easy-to-use Slant Tweezers are a dream for creating your desired brow shape.

- You can then pencil your brows in, but tinting is the best option if you don’t want to spend hours correcting your shape. 

Some Pointers...

- For regrowing brows, the best thing to do is completely leave them alone for four to six weeks, as this gives the roots time to grow back.

- If you're confident, you can pluck from the top of the eyebrow arch, but the chances are, you will always over pluck. However, with threading, you have to remove from the top of the arch as it helps define the shape.

- Always nourish them as much as you can; you can use a good lash serum, or castor oil for growing back brows. M2 Beauté's M2BROWS Eyebrow Renewing Serum is a saviour for rescuing troublesome brows (patchy growth, over-tweezing...); using a magic ingredient - black sea rod oil - hair regrowth is stimulated and returns restored and transformed in just 4-6 weeks.

  • Filling In Brows

    For filling brows back in you can use both pencil or powder; but if you want a look for day, use powder as it blends in well, covers every hair and doesn’t cover too much of the skin, so looks very natural. Pencil is great to use for evening, when you have your full face of make-up on, as this really defines your shape and makes your look stronger.


  • The Eyebrows Guide

Keeping your brows looking natural is key, which is why a powder offers such versatility as you can add and take away colour as you go along. It's best to go for a shade as close to your hair colour as possible; we love SUQQU's three-shades-in-one Balancing Eyebrow Palette because it allows the option to blend into the natural expression of your face.

If you want more precision, the TOM FORD Brow Sculptor is a must; simply add colour with the calligraphy-shaped tip at one end, and shape with the grooming brush at the other. It's easy to use, and makes creating your perfect brow shape a breeze.