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12 Niche Fragrances You Need To Know

Home to extraordinary flacons and some of the rarest ingredients in perfumery, there is only one Salon de Parfums. Meet some of its current wonders.

Armani Privé Musc Shamal

The inspiration behind this scent? A cooling breeze on a hot summer’s day, and it’s brought to life beautifully with a sultry mix of rose, jasmine and a cooling burst of aldehydes and citrus.

Best for: Chilling the senses in hot climates.

Boadicea The Victorious Blue Sapphire

Sapphires are synonymous with the Royal Family, so Boadicea The Victorious created a  bottle encrusted with one to celebrate the Queen’s 65th wedding anniversary; the oud-laced floral fragrance that lies within is equally regal.

Best for: Magpies and fine jewellery lovers.

Boadicea The Victorious
Blue Sapphire Perfume

Bond No. 9 Le Parfum Du Salon

There’s always an element of surprise to a Bond No. 9 fragrance, and in this formula it’s the appearance of green lantana leaves juxtaposed with the powdery heart of orris and tuberose.

Best for: Those who like to expect the unexpected.

CHANEL Les Exclusifs Coromandel

Coco Chanel loved the intricate beauty of Chinese lacquered screens and, in a new scent, they are depicted through sweet, smoky, woody notes elevated with orange blossom and citrus.

Best for: A modern spin on an Oriental fragrance.

Coromandel Eau de Parfum

Frédéric Malle The Moon

The fourth fragrance in Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle’s Desert Gems collection, The Moon is as glowing and vibrant as its namesake. Think on trend red berries with oud and frankincense.

Best for: Maximum indulgence. 

Ex Nihilo Golden Wanderers

Inspired by you, the very people who stroll through the streets of Knightsbridge, Ex Nihilo’s unisex scent captures the spirit of London’s elite in an elegant Oriental accord of rose, leather amber and patchouli.

Best for: Knightsbridge Locals.


Floraïku Just A Rose

Although not quite a single-note scent, this fragrance comes pretty close — a pure ode to the rose. But instead of being heavy to wear it's sparkling, balanced by a dash of bergamot at the top, and guaiac wood at the base. 

Best for: Minimalists and purists.

Xerjoff Erba Pura

Few smells are more refreshingly evocative than freshly cut grass at dawn. Xerjoff’s Erba Pura fragrance is a mix of green citrus notes, Mediterranean fruit, white musk and vanilla.

Best for: Early risers.

Kilian Pearl Oud

A mercurial fragrance, Pearl Oud is a smart scent that works just as well with a Valentino gown as it does an immaculately tailored suit. 

Best for: Sharing and shape-shifting.

Penhaligon’s The Tragedy Of Lord George

Lord George is one of the fictional aristocrats in Penhaligon’s Portraits collection. Think a dapper chap, standing with brandy in his hand in front of a crackling log fire. Smokey and sophisticated.

Best for: Those with an eccentric streak.

Roja Parfums Diaghilev

Few do big, bold, remember-me scents like master perfumer Roja Dove, and Diaghilev is one of his best — a complex and nuanced fruity chypre bursting with fruits, flowers, spices, woods and resins.

Best for: Old-school decadence.

Strangelove NYC Lost In Flowers

With Helena Christensen as its Creative Director, could Lost In Flowers be anything but beautiful? A charming tribute to true love, gentle jasmine and lily-of-the-valley combines with a giddy gardenia and musk mix.

Best for: Hopeless romantics.