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The Kit

3 Rare Ingredients Your Skincare Routine Needs

You may be more accustomed to spotting truffle, pearl and gold on a decadent menu or in a jewellers’ window, but how about on your bathroom shelf? 

Studies show that some of the world’s most precious and sought-after natural resources have multi-pronged potential for skin health too, enhancing everything from luminosity to longevity while combating external stress that skin increasingly faces in our hectic modern world. The Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond collection harnesses the power of three of the planet’s most prized ingredients; here’s how they can work wonders. 

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Black diamond truffle

The natural energy boost

There’s the truffle you might grate onto a bowl of linguine, and then there’s black diamond truffle extract. Harvested exclusively for Re-Nutriv in southwest France, the truffles are considered to be the highest class available and the concentrated extract takes 10,000 hours to create.

Dr Nadine Pernodet, Vice President of Skin Biology and Bioactives at Estée Lauder tells us that the truffle derivative can reap remarkable rewards: "In vitro testing shows that it helps to boost natural skin cell energy levels, increasing skin cell survival when cells are exposed to intense stress from UV."

TRY BLACK TRUFFLE IN: Ultimate Diamond Transformative Dual-Infusion Serum (it’s actually present in the entire range, but this serum gives a double dose). The combination of soothing chestnut extract and gently exfoliating glucosamine in the serum is also instrumental to achieving a coveted glow: "While skin cell turnover naturally slows with age, this formula accelerates cell renewal, speeding the migration of fresh cells to the surface and increasing skin’s reflectivity for boosted radiance," says Dr Pernodet. What’s more, the twin-chambered vial preserves the pH level of the active ingredients, so you get the best potency pump after pump.

HOW TO APPLY: Dispense one pump into your palm, blend and press into your skin – pressing rather than massaging over your face helps the serum absorb quicker. 


Radiance? Check!

Semi-precious pearl extract adds the kind of subtle iridescence that makes skin look lit-from-within, but not artificially so. It’s been adding polish to skincare preparations in Chinese medicine for centuries, but it’s at its brightest when combined with powerhouse modern ingredients: "Fusing the likes of pearl extract in the Ultimate Diamond range with patent-pending technology crafted from a special extract of peach flowers helps to support skin cells’ natural youthful structure by encouraging collagen production," says Dr Pernodet.

TRY PEARL IN: Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Creme. Keeping skin peachy is all in the chemistry here, as "phyto extract, algae extract and a bio-ferment also contribute to collagen formation." That’s not to mention the signature black diamond truffle extract, brightening vitamin C and, of course, finely milled pearl. Test its beaming reputation for yourself at the new Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv boutique in The Beauty Halls, where you can experience a complimentary Re-Nutriv Ultimate Luxe Mini Facial alongside bespoke skincare advice in a calm, private space away from the hustle and bustle.

HOW TO APPLY: Massage a pea-sized amount into your skin after your serum, taking care to use upward and outward motions.


Twice as precious 

The suggested benefits of gold go way, way back. Cleopatra, surely the original beauty influencer, reportedly slept in a 24-carat gold face mask – kudos indeed! As well as its patronage from the Egyptian ruler, the precious metal lays claims to an antioxidant effect and a cosmetic sheen that, like pearl extract, gives skin an instant lift.

TRY GOLD IN: Ultimate Diamond Energy Eye Creme, where gold is not only found in the formula but also the accompanying application wand. The tool is made from a cooling gold alloy that helps to "soothe and de-puff the delicate skin around the eyes," according to Dr Pernodet. "The tool helps with microcirculation, encouraging more nutrients to penetrate the skin too." 

HOW TO APPLY: Using the massage tool, dab a small amount of cream onto the surrounding eye area. Using upward motions, take the tool up and around the orbital bone.

Given the abundance of nutrients within the entire collection, the regime ensures rich pickings for your skin for months and years to come. 

Created in partnership with Estée Lauder.