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The Kit

6 Beauty Picks For The Person Who Has Everything

Yana Sheptovetskaya, aka Instagram's @Gelcream, has some of the most recognisable hands in the business. Her account features a cherry-picked selection of coveted products, delicately held in her famous hands (if nothing else makes you want to apply hand cream and dab on some cuticle oil, her feed will.) Yana selects her six favourite buys from the Harrods Beauty Hall and – as befits someone with a superlative routine – they’re all that little bit extra.

Fueguia Valle De La Luna

"This is the cutest tiny bottle of pure perfume by Fueguia. It’s named after a valley in Chile’s Atacama Desert and smells of an August sunset," says Yana. "It’s got a powdery aroma of sandalwood and notes of amber and iris. It’s the perfect gift to yourself." The Eau de Parfum is just as delicious.

Dior Nail Glow

This cult favourite also crops up in Yana’s must-try list. "Bare nails are cool again," explains Yana. "With this polish they look glossy and healthy. It’s an at-home manicure set necessity." Think your natural nail beds but a touch pinker – and shinier!

CHANEL La Crème Main

When CHANEL launched their first-ever hand cream, it caused a ripple in the beauty industry that’s still being felt. Hand cream is pedestrian, but CHANEL hand cream is a thing of beauty. "It’s the perfect texture with a light scent and cute packaging," adds Yana.

Acqua di Parma Travel Case

"This is the most satisfying travel case – you need to hold it and hear the closing click to understand," says Yana. She’s spot on. Half the satisfaction of Acqua di Parma's leather fragrance holder is that 'clunk' on closing – plus, it’s the ultimate chic beauty accessory.

Bobbi Brown Moisturising Cream

Great make-up starts with a great base. Yana’s canvas of choice? Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturising Cream. "It’s a very lightweight moisturiser that leaves your skin looking radiant and smooth," explains Yana. That’ll be the skin-loving algae and enriched mineral water blend.

Gucci Lipstick

Gucci’s return to the world of beauty was hotly anticipated, and the 58-strong Gucci Beauty lipstick range doesn't disappoint. There are balms, mattes and satin finishes, and as Yana says, "I mean... it’s an accessory!" Hear hear.