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The Kit

Beauty Chocolate

Beauty Chocolate - Estechoc

A little indulgence every now and then is good for the soul, but what if we told you that not only could your chocolate cravings be met on a daily basis, but that it could also work wonders for your skin? A dream come true for chocoholics, Cambridge Chocolate Technologies presents Estechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate, the world’s first anti-ageing beauty chocolate.

While the addition of fat, sugar and dairy over the years has given chocolate a reputation as a less than healthy treat, natural cocoa itself is actually considered to be a superfood. Full of polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant, cocoa can help neutralise free radicals and reduce inflammation. However, to get the most of these skin-loving benefits you would need to eat dark chocolate with at least 90% cocoa solids, something that is rare to find and not always very tasty.

Beauty Chocolate - Estechoc

Health Benefits

Determined to utilise the benefits of cocoa, the scientists behind Estechoc have created a chocolate that is both enjoyable and healthy. Boasting two powerful antioxidants, Astaxanthin, a strong anti-inflammatory and Cocoa Polyphenolic Epicatechins to increase oxygen transport and microcirculation, this break-through treat has been clinically proven to improve skin health. Providing antioxidant protection, reduction of inflammation and a boost of oxygen levels and microcirculation to the skin combined with an effective delivery system, Estechoc helps skin appear healthier and younger-looking.

How It Works

"Chocolate when combined with our patented technology has a range of benefits throughout the body. When combined with Astaxanthin, the active in Esthechoc, there is a super-additive effect from the polyphenols in the cocoa and the antioxidant so that they become 10 times more powerful than when ingested alone." Dr. Ivan Petyaev, Cambridge Chocolate Technologies Co-Founder.

All it takes is one small bar of Estechoc a day to start reaping the benefits of these super-powered antioxidants. And at just 38 calories per portion, compared to the jaw dropping 500 calories of dark chocolate you would need for a similar effect, this guiltless little indulgence offers a whole new meaning to luxury skincare.