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The Making Of Emerald Musk By Carolina Herrera

What does an emerald smell like? It’s one of the of the world’s most beautiful gems – and now, thanks to Emerald Musk by Carolina Herrera, you can wear it in scent form, too. Creative Director of Fragrances Carolina Herrera de Baez uncovers the story of the fragrance, as well as top tips for how to wear it.

The Making Of Carolina Herrera Emerald Musk

The Family Jewel

"In a way, I think of my family as being like an emerald," muses Carolina Herrera de Baez while discussing the inspiration behind her new fragrance. "Family is like a beautiful, strong gemstone that enriches us but is also resilient." So much so, in fact, that each fragrance in the Herrera Confidential collection — the fashion house’s most exclusive line, to which Emerald Musk is the latest addition — is a tribute to her mother, Carolina Herrera, and her childhood.

"Emerald Musk is very personal; emeralds have always been worn in my family," de Baez explains. "From my great-grandmother to my grandmother to my mother, I have so many pictures of her in emerald earrings or necklaces — we’ve all worn and loved them. They remind me of my heritage."

Heritage, Bottled

"As a starting point for Emerald Musk I wanted to replicate the noble characteristics of emeralds; the feeling of wearing a unique gemstone, and this meant using high-quality raw materials," she explains.

Within the fragrance, you’ll find rose essential and iris absolute — two of the most rare and costly ingredients in perfumery — formulated into an intense and long-lasting accord. There’s also pink pepper and vanilla, which have been extracted and distilled using pioneering, sustainable methods, and combined with musk to bring a human quality to the fragrance. Leather and amber, meanwhile, give it a warm, old-world robustness.

The end result is a mercurial fragrance that shape-shifts from soft and powdery to strong and purposeful, exuding that traditional-meets-contemporary duality that is so very 'New York'.

Signature Scent

As with all the fragrances in the Herrera Confidential collection, Emerald Musk has been formulated so that it can be incorporated into a ritual of layering. Mix and match to suit your mood, your outfit, or even your lipstick.

For maximum impact: pair with Burning Rose or Nightfall Patchouli.

For a refreshing burst: mix with Rose Cruise or Bergamot Bloom.

For enduring intensity: pair with the Pure Oil of either Rose or Oud.

And what about de Baez herself? She’ll be combining Emerald Musk with her favourite gemstones "but in the middle of the day, paired with very casual clothes, which I always think looks fantastic!"