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The Kit

The Sonic Cleansing Guide

Clarisonic Guide

Every once in a while in the beauty world, a product comes along and raises the game. Landing on counters in the US back in 2004, the Clarisonic did exactly that, and then some. Achieving cult status in rapid time, fast-forward to now and the Clarisonic is a power tool in every beauty kit. And with a range of different sonic cleansing systems and brush heads, from sensitive to oily skin, it’s now even more tailored to meet all our cleansing needs.

Why do we need sonic cleansing?

Clarisonic co-founder, Dr Robb Akridge (aka Dr Robb) explains: "A Clarisonic brush head makes more than 300 back-and-forth oscillations per second, gently flexing pores to life away dirt, oil and debris. This movement also forces water off the brush head bristles into pores to flush out impurities. Cleansing this way not only improves the absorption of products placed on the skin, but ensures you are cleansing skin to remove make-up, dirt, oil and so forth. This sonic frequency works with the skin’s natural elasticity to gentle and effectively cleanse skin."

Helping to promote skin’s natural radiance through cleansing deep into the pores along with circulation and lymphatic drainage – perfect for tackling puffiness and clogging, with use over time, the Clarisonic can support skin’s natural radiance, clarity and balance.

With three cleansing systems and a myriad of different brush heads, it’s key to match each up with your specific complexion needs. Dr Robb explains…

The Cleansing Systems...

Clarisonic Cleansing Guide

Extra Power

Aria has three speeds - delicate, normal and power, with the extra setting perfect for removing make-up and more powerful cleansing.

Great for make-up junkies and those with normal to oily skin.

For Starters

The starter device for those looking to start their journey into facial cleansing devices. The Mia 2 is simple to use with two settings (delicate and normal), and is perfect for those looking for gentle cleansing.

Suitable for all skin types - but you may wish to opt for a sensitive brush head too if you have dry/sensitive skin.

Clarisonic Cleansing Guide


The Smart Profile Uplift Anti-Ageing Massage tool is the expert brush in the range: a two-in-one cleansing and micro-firming face massage device that's suitable for all skin types. The massage head works deep into the skin to remove any puffiness and boost circulation to tighten and brighten, while the cleansing head ensures a deep clean to aid the absorption of the rest of your skincare.

The Brush Heads

Delicate or Sensitive Cleanse Brush Heads: Perfect if you have very sensitive or older skin, for truly luxurious and hydrating, yet delicate cleansing.

Radiance Brush Head: For brightening, radiance-boosting cleansing, but safe and sensitive enough for delicate skin.

Deep Pore Brush Head:  A more invigorating cleanse for skin that needs it – try using this if you have oiler skin prone to breakouts and large pores.

SMART Profile Dynamic Brush Head: When used with the SMART system it auto-adjusts from deep to gentle cleansing – perfect for all skin types.

Fundamental to the effectiveness of this cleansing system is not just in the brush heads and models, but how you use the system. 

Clarisonic guide

1. Cleanser Amount

Make sure you wet the brush and your face, then apply a small disc of your cleanser onto the side of the brush. This will ensure it spreads evenly as you cleanse. "It works great with any cleanser, but we recommended avoiding cleansers that contain microbeads. Cleansing oil could be used with Clarisonic, but is often best used to remove eye and lip make-up beforehand," advises Dr Robb.

2. Brushing Technique

"Use as much water as possible when using your Clarisonic – it’s 100% waterproof so the best place to use it is in the shower. This helps the system to flush water through your pores for optimum cleansing."

Make sure the water temperature isn’t too hot. Work the Clarisonic across the face in gentle, circular motions and don’t press to hard or scrub with it. The system should guide you. The timer on the device will notify you when to move to a different section of the face; 20 seconds for your forehead, 20 seconds for your nose and chin, 10 seconds for one cheek and 10 seconds for the other cheek.

3. Usage

"It is safe and gentle enough to be used twice a day every day, however you should do what works best for your skin. Start off at once a day and then build up to twice."

For sensitive skin or acne and rosacea prone skin, start using it at its lowest speed and select a gentle brush head.

4. Changing The Brush Heads

The SMART system will tell you when the brush head needs replacing. For the other systems, Dr Robb advises: "Try replacing the brush head every three months (based on twice a day use). After three months of use, the bristles begin to clump together reducing effectiveness."

Make sure to clean the brush head thoroughly after use also to ensure a clean cleanse next time round. 

5. Body Brushing

The great thing about the Clarisonic is its versatility. Try using the SMART system for body brushing. "Use the device in circular motions moving up your body, to stimulate blood flow. You can use the device in the shower with your favourite body scrub, or it can even be used on dry skin to exfoliate before the washing,” says Dr Robb.

The fundamental of all skincare is to listen to your skin. See how it responds and make adjustments if needed. Try to be patient too – it’s less about those overnight miracles, but gradual improvements over time. Find your own rhythm with the Clarisonic and enjoy your new cleansing ritual.