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The Details

The Remarkable Marc Jacobs

Interview with Marc Jacobs

Needing no introduction, Marc Jacobs is an insatiable fashion tour de force. The vibrancy of his vision and eclectic energy are seen through every element of his work from concept through to catwalk, from campaign stars to the cool, need-to-own appeal of his collections. And with such an all-encompassing sense of brand DNA and creativity, it seemed only fitting then that back in 2013 in the US, he added the cherry to the icing by way of his Marc Jacobs Beauty line.

From the man himself, get a sneak glimpse inside the fittingly fabulous and wonderfully weird world of Marc Jacobs...

  • Marc Jacobs interview
  • "The art of transformation, that's why I design."
    Marc Jacobs
The Make-Up...

"The idea of creating that person you want the world to see with make-up is very exciting. It’s the art of transformation, that's why I design, and it's that idea of creating the person you want the world to see through a palette of cosmetics that is so exciting. I’ve worked with great make-up artists who look at texture and colour the way a painter would. And what’s incredible is that make-up is so accessible to everyone - it’s so different to say, fashion. Everyone can indulge and create their own persona.

Years ago I had a BBQ and everyone started doing each other's nails it was really cute. That's where the idea for the Nail Lacquer Nail Polish started."

The Creation Of The Colours...

"The way it works is very much like designing a collection. You think of a character or a spirit of a type of woman, so that could be the goddess, ingénue, the shoe-gazer for example - these names sum up a character and then we use colour to define who that character is. Is she decadent, is she introverted, is she a siren? I like to play that game, I love to visualise her spirit and then cast the colours out from that."

The Eyes...

"Eyes are my favourite feature on the face - I love them. The eye is the canvas for me. The Velvet Noir Mascara came from watching my mother putting on her face to go out. When she would wear mascara, she learned this trick to scrape velvet ribbon to get the pile and to add it to her lashes to make them thicker and blacker. This was what I was thinking about when I was creating the mascara."

  • "I try to give my all to everything, or I don't do it..."
    Marc Jacobs
  • Marc Jacobs interview
  • Marc Jacobs interview
The Ritual Of Beauty...

"There’s such a strong psychological side to make-up. There are two ways to look at it: we want to attract other people but we also want to feel good about ourselves, so we do things which please us, and so, pleasing ourselves means pleasing others. It’s that idea of celebrating these things, that is the ritual. Choosing the colours you’re going to wear, choosing the face you’re going to put on, that’s what makes this so important."

The Campaigns...

"We’ve done three seasons of campaigns and they’ve all been really amazing to work on. The first was so exciting with model Edie Campbell, then the most memorable was getting to work with actress Jessica Lange. I’m such a fan and we bonded straight away. This time, with Winona Ryder, we’ve been friends for many years and she looks absolutely gorgeous, she is just breathtaking."

Marc Jacobs - Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs
The Thinking Behind It...

"I try to give my all to everything I do or I don’t do it. For Marc Jacobs Beauty, in some way it reflects the things I love, the things I live. It’s my true love for the objects around me - my lacquer table, for example, became inspiration for the packaging with its soft round edges, the coconut water I love to drink can be seen in the Coconut Primer, the team incorporates these things into the products."

The Design...

"Design is a series of choices. One choice fuels another. There is an organic process that occurs once you’ve made that choice, and what that catalyst is you never know."

  • Marc Jacobs interview
  • "Free to be you and me, that's beauty..."
    Marc Jacobs
The Definition Of Beauty...

"This is hard to define, but I feel it’s about self expression - people feeling free and enjoying expressing themselves and not being self conscious. Free to be you and me, that’s beauty."

The Future...

"There are so many incredible people I’d love to work with - so many great artists, actors, musicians. Collaboration is such an amazing and rewarding experience."