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Lace-up shoe edit

A trend that seems to be showing no signs of abating, lace-ups in all iterations, be it sandals, heels, flats and flatforms, are a must for stepping up your shoe game.

Evolved in part from the lattice weavings of the gladiator sandal and with a nod to Victoriana lace-up booties, through natural style selection, the new generation of lace-up takes bold new strides whether caged, ribboned, tasseled, frilled or intricately woven.

  • "Try tying the bow at the front or the side of your ankle to create a different look."
  • Lace up edit
  • Lace up edit

Front-runner of the trend has to be Aquazzura with the now-iconic Belgravia and Christy – pointy-toe, lace-up pumps and flats. Sparking a rise of fashion flats and lacing detailing, both styles continue to win fans through the genius of their comfort and covetability. 

And while the closed-in lace-up pump may err on the more demure side, for something that touch more adventurous, it's all about the sandal. Whether the much-lauded Aquazzura Wild Thing with its tasselled straps, Dolce & Gabbana's Marina with neat pom-poms or Charlotte Olympia's fluffy-toe Salsa – with less focus on the straps and more on the laces, make the most of the negative spaces for ankle-flattering appeal. 

Lace-Up Rules

- Laces woven through eyelets encasing the foot and then tied upwards around the ankle are perfect for flattering and slimming.

- If the design allows for criss-crossing, keep this detail at the front of the foot and tie in a neat bow at the back of the ankle ensuring the laces or tassels hang down evenly. Avoid double bows as these can look untidy. 

- If the laces are longer, try drawing your criss-cross higher up the leg to make more of a feature, while also creating a flattering calf silhouette. If this is a step too far but you still have long laces, double them back on themselves and tie at the ankle to create more of a solid anklet line.

- Try mixing up your look by tying the bow at the front or to the side of your ankle to create a different effect.

- If your laces have tassels – be playful with how they fall whether front, side or back.

- With espadrille styles, which tend to have thicker laces, for a more statement look try criss-crossing the ribbons up the leg and tying a much smaller bow, or wrap the ribbons around the ankle and celebrate having more of a bow detail.

  • The Lace Up Guide
  • The Lace Up Guide