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The Edit

Three Ways To Wear

Where would we be without boyfriend jeans? Typified by a miraculous fit that’s loose yet tapered all at once, the best pairs reference the sturdy feel and unyielding construction of vintage denim classics. Styling-wise, there’s very little that they can’t do.

Boardroom Blues

Rumour has it denim can’t be worn to work. Pish posh! A sophisticated seasoning is all that’s required. Combine a white shirt with oversized tailoring, and promote the whole shebang to boardroom fare with a leg-up from heeled sandals. Consider Monday meetings, bossed.

How To Wear Harrods: When blazers are boxy, make use of your jeans’ high-rise silhouette. Tuck in your shirt to keep everything shipshape.

Under Wraps

Masterminded by Diane von Furstenberg in 1974, the wrap dress is a style icon brought completely up to date by denim’s coolest cut. Now, nothing says 'sun in the city' like a buttercup-bright summer dress floating breezily above boyfriend jeans and flats.

How To Wear Harrods: Forget matchy-matchy bags and shoes. Instead, nail your colours to the mast, and coordinate your arm candy with the main event.

License To Frill

We’ve lost count of the times that the old 'jeans and a nice top' chestnut has saved our bacon. A winning recipe in which opposites attract, an ultra-feminine blouse and borrowed-from-the-boys denim is the unlikely style pairing that succeeds every time.

How To Wear Harrods: Silky accoutrements exude elegance from every fibre. Manolo Blahnik heels and a petite, ruffled clutch will work in tandem to elevate proceedings.