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The Ultimate Cheeseboard

"You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese," so said the late chef, Anthony Bourdain – a sentiment echoed by many a cheese connoisseur. But what are the key elements of a winning cheeseboard? Well, aside from the cheese – of which our in-store cheese counter has over 100 artisanal varieties – it’s about presentation and pairings…

Harrods Cheese

Spotlight On: Comté

Every cheeseboard needs a star cheese and the rich, creamy flavour of our Fort Saint-Antoine Comté is it. The Marcel Petite family oversees the maturing of each glorious round by tapping the wheels with a small wooden hammer. Going, going, gone.

£4 per 100g, available in-store at our cheese counter in the Fresh Market Hall, Ground Floor.

Plan Your Visit

Port Please

Sure, port and blue cheese is a go-to combo – but have you ever tried Colston Bassett with Quinta do Vesuvio’s 2015 vintage? You should. The Stilton’s rich, creamy texture pairs wonderfully with the sweet, fruity intensity of the port.

Colston Bassett Stilton, £2.90 per 100g

Quinta do Vesuvio
Vintage Port 2015 (75cl)

Flavour Match

Louis Roederer is no stranger to producing excellent vintages – the 2009 iteration develops particularly lovely notes of yellow fruits and roasted nuts. Equally fruity, nutty and totally delicious, the 14-month aged Walo Gruyère is a match made in heaven.

Walo Gruyère, £4.20 per 100g

The Kit

Mastering the presentation of your two favourite passions (cheese and wine, obviously) has never been easier – especially when you’re in the possession of handcrafted tools from Laguiole.

One Of A Kind

On the topic of presentation, each British-sourced oak Burrwood Board is crafted to suit the unique grain of the wood – which means you won’t see an identical one anywhere else.

Burrwood Boards
Oak Tapas Board
Artisan De La Truffe
Black Truffle Pieces (12.5g)

Talking Truffles

Tempting as truffle may be, just a few fine gratings of Artisan de la Truffe are enough to celebrate both its flavour and that of cheese. Still want more? Try a Pecorino from Italy’s Molise mountains punctuated by truffle paste. Want it made-to-order? Head to our cheese counter and have your favourite cheese truffled using our in-house truffle mix.

Pecorino di Moliterno, £6.10 per 100g

Cheddar Champion

Stay true to tradition with a dollop of sticky sweet onion marmalade atop Keen’s Extra Mature Cheddar – a Somerset cheese made in true artisanal style (think hyper-local cow’s milk, pressed, bathed and turned by hand).

Keen’s Extra Mature Cheddar, £3.50 per 100g

Sweet Dreams

Honey and cheese are both buzzwords for foodies, but should you want to get into the nitty-gritty, this Art Muria saffron-scented elixir is incredible drizzled over the firm and creamy Pecorino Gran Reserve Il Fiorino.

Pecorino Gran Reserve Il Fiorino, £4 per 100g

Cracker Combo

Look no further for the ultimate cracker than The Fine Cheese Co. – we especially love the slightly sweet walnut and honey cracker paired with the strong flavours of a buttery Xavier David Roquefort.

Xavier David Roquefort, £8.50 for 250g

And Lastly...

For those who want to try something new, the 15-year-old Leonardi Riserva Balsamic is tangy, sweet and the perfect accompaniment to our super-rich and crumbly 24 month-matured Red Cow Parmesan.

24 month Red Cow Parmesan, £5.30 per 100g