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OLED: The Evolution Of TV Display

Evolution of lg oled main

Raising the bar in imagery and design, that cannot be matched by current LCD offerings; OLED is the future of your viewing enjoyment. Representing the greatest advancement in TV display technology, 16 of the world’s major brand now choose OLED for their premium ranges. So, no matter what brand you prefer, if you want the best TV the choice is simple: It’s OLED, or OLED.

What’s the difference between LCD and OLED?

self emissive oled
Self-Emissive OLED

OLED is a self-emissive technology, which controls light and colours by pixel. It reproduces perfect black without the halo effect. In addition, since it does not require a liquid crystal layer, you can see vivid and clear images undistorted from any viewing position, which makes it perfect for sitting down to watch a film with family or friends.

non emissive lcd
Non-Emissive LCD

LCD is not self-emissive, meaning the light produced from the backlight travels through a variety of layers, such as colour filters and polarizers, to create images. Due to this complex structure, LCD cannot realise perfect black, which causes a halo effect and offers a limited viewing angle.

What are the benefits of OLED?

Authentic Emissive Colour

We’ve all been there – whether you’re watching something scary or an epic space adventure – you want to see every single star in the night sky and when the protagonist takes a turn down a dark tunnel that they definitely shouldn’t you still want to be able to see the action. You want to see deep and natural colours, just as they are. OLED’s authentic emissive colour offers just that. 

Authentic Emissive Colour

Everywhere View

Look at your TV as you walk from left to right. Some TVs deliver constant picture quality from any angle, while others simply cannot. If you want the whole family to share the same viewing experience, choose an OLED TV.

Everywhere view

Thinnovative Design

Your home interior should be determined by you, not your TV. OLED displays can be as thin as 0.95mm, enabling thinner, more innovative designs. If you care about your home interior, and want a TV that naturally blends in, then an OLED TV should be your number one choice. 

Thinnovative Design

Ocular Guard

When your children are immersed in their favorite movies and games, do you ever wonder if they are at risk of eye strain? If you care about your family’s eye health, choose an OLED TV.

Ocular Guard

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Created in partnership with LG Display.