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The Season Of The Candle

One of the most evocative ways to harness the heart of the season and scent it into the home, candles not only paint a fragrant smell-scape of characterful elements, but their flickering glow sets a visual tone of warmth and comfort, perfect for the darker nights ahead.

And, as those evenings draw in and winter begins its descent, there’s a distinct change in the air and we crave those warm, uplifting notes of spices, woods and deep fruits, each invoking whispered glimpses of winters-past, enticing and exciting our olfactory senses. Whether it’s a journey into the heart of a frosted pine forest or the enigmatic unfurling of resinous accords, these are the candles to set the backdrop to the most atmospheric of winters…

  • The Fruits

    Rich, zesty scents come served for a delicious and sweeter take on the season. Perfect for daytime scenting and situating within the kitchen or dining areas, they're uplifting and energising, tantalising with tangy spices or invigorating citron, through to the warmth of berries and velvety peach. These are the scents for pure olfactory optimism.

  • The Season Of The Candle
  • When lighting your candle for the first time, always let it burn for a few hours to ensure the first layer of wax is fully melted. This will ensure a more even burn.
The Season Of The Candle
  • The Winter Florals

    Deeper, sensual floral accords unravelling to reveal a complex, more alluring bouquet. Less about the sweet and more about the richer end of the spectrum, think bergamot, neroli, tuberose and orchid. Ideal for lighting the entrance or hallways to set the scene and allow the depth of the floral essences to unfurl throughout the home.

  • The Season Of The Candle
  • Keep the wick trimmed to the length it was when new and gently re-centre it after burning to prevent black smoke and uneven melting.
  • The Woods

    Headstrong, rustic and earthy notes, reminiscent of crackling fires, smoked resins and the lure of winter woods. Be romanced by flickering notes of sandalwood, bamboo, oakmoss and birch. Light at dusk with a sense of ceremony in a photophore or ornate holder as the centrepiece of your hearth, to ward off the evening chill and sink into an all-enveloping warmth and serenity as the night unfurls.

  • The Season Of The Candle
  • The Season Of The Candle
  • Keep your candles the focal point of the room while guarding them from dust, by storing under a glass cloche when not in use.