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In Conversation With Fredrik Risvik

Anatomy Of Style - Fredrik Risvik Jon Gorrigan

Entering into the fashion world via skateboarding and an interest in architecture and interior design first, Fredrik Risvik explains: "My style is much like my interiors – it’s pared back, really simple and clean." Scroll through the self-professed purveyor of Scandi-cool’s Instagram and it’s an undeniably appealing patchwork of portraits, perfect piles of clothes and sneakers and mises en scène, all in cool shades of white, grey and navy with pops of Acne Studios pink. "It just started with me taking photos of the things I loved and evolved from there," says Fredrik, humbly acknowledging his 119k (and counting) following. One of four key voices in menswear taking part in Anatomy Of Style, Fredrik makes a case for quality over quantity, and shares his take on men’s fashion now…

"I like to show my audience that quality pieces last," Fredrik explains. "I’ve found my niche, which celebrates more classic – you could say, 'basic' – pieces, and showing similar looks over and over again. It might feel boring for some people, but I’m really into the idea that I’ll be wearing the same clothes and showing the same looks for years to come."

  • Not So Simple

    Resolute in his style choices – "so, usually I only wear grey, black and navy" – Fredrik is keen to point out that simple doesn’t mean easy: "It’s about really understanding brands, buying into brands that make the best possible products, specialist brands."

  • Anatomy Of Style – Fredrik Risvik
  • Anatomy Of Style – Fredrik Risvik
  • "The menswear scene is really fun right now because there are so many different styles out there. It makes it easy to mix things up."

So who does Fredrik turn to? "I could wear Common Projects for the rest of my life," he extols. "I’m really into John Smedley, too. I think it’s the perfect example of a brand that is the best in its field. Nobody does knitwear like John Smedley, and it’s the world’s oldest manufacturing company. I also really like Maison Martin Margiela because it purveys a clean aesthetic but adds small details that make the clothes that bit different."

When it comes to grooming, it’s a similar message of quality ingredients and a clean aesthetic that counts: "I use a lot of Kiehl’s products, and Byredo is one of my favourite brands – I just love the whole look."

Anatomy Of Style – Fredrik Risvik

So while Fredrik’s take on style might be more about a way of living, rather than being based on trends, his view on men’s fashion now reveals how lucky he counts himself to be for stumbling upon what suits him so well and how optimistic he is for others: "I think it’s a really exciting time for people getting into fashion because there are so many alternatives to get into to find your own niche. It’s fun to see people can experiment more with colour, mixing things up a bit. The younger generation are so much better educated in fashion, and they’re constantly looking online for inspiration."

Anatomy Of Style

As part of our Anatomy Of Style menswear focus, Fredrik was invited to come together with Nick Wooster, Olof Nithenius and Matthew Zorpas in a dapper discussion hosted by Esquire Style Director Teo van den Broeke, each of the four key voices in menswear today sharing their insights and individual takes on style DNA.

Watch them in conversation in the film below and discover what they bring to the sartorial table…