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In Conversation With Olof Nithenius

Anatomy Of Style - Olof Nithenius Jon Gorrigan

"For me, style is not about how well you’ve learnt the rules, it’s about how you represent your personality," so says banker, freelance editor and dad, Olof Nithenius. Indeed, for a man whose requirements of his work and weekend wardrobes vary so considerably, it's telling that what unites the two is an air of comfort and quiet confidence. A tailoring advocate, it was while in London studying for a masters that Olof realised he was spending more time "visiting tailors, talking to them, listening and getting inspiration" than in the library; fortunately there appears to be time for fashion, finance and fatherhood these days.

Taking part in Anatomy Of Style, Olof shares his take on menswear today, outlining his wardrobe essentials and tackling the concept of style head on: "It should be a reflection of your soul and how you express that. Learning the rules and seeking out inspiration is a good start, but it’s how you put it together in a personal way – that’s style."

"At work I wear a jacket or a suit every day," says Olof, jesting that his hours spent learning about fabrics and fit at the tailors weren’t wasted after all. And it comes as little surprise when he declares: "Every man needs a well-cut, navy suit – it’s a classic. When the cut and construction is timeless, that’s what I like." For Olof is a man who deals in what he calls "slow fashion" – "it’s about pieces that will look good for decades," he explains.

  • Work To Weekend

    "From Monday to Friday I’m in tailoring, but when I’m off duty I have a much more relaxed style. I like heavy denim trousers, trainers, Barbour jackets and knitted jumpers, so still classic but slightly more contemporary and comfortable."

  • Anatomy Of Style - Olof Nithenius Jon Gorrigan
  • Anatomy Of Style - Olof Nithenius Jon Gorrigan
  • "When you are comfortable and don’t try too hard, it will show in your appearance."

While we might catch the occasional glimpse of his off-duty outfits on Instagram, its Olof’s infinite tailored jacket, shirt, tie and pocket-square combos that get his followers talking – a dialogue he is always keen to partake in. This interaction, he says, is what leads him to believe that "men and their relationship with shopping is quite different to women’s," adding: "My followers, at least, aren’t spontaneous shoppers – they do background research, in the same way they would if they were buying a car. They want to justify the investment of buying a suit by knowing everything about it."

So what would he consider style investments? "Tailoring and very good shoes. I still wear the first pair of quality shoes I invested in a couple of times a month – it was a pair of Church’s."

Anatomy Of Style

As part of our Anatomy Of Style menswear focus, Olof was invited to come together with Nick Wooster, Fredrik Risvik and Matthew Zorpas in a dapper discussion hosted by Esquire Style Director Teo van den Broeke, each of the four key voices in menswear today sharing their insights and individual takes on style DNA.

Watch them in conversation in the film below and discover what they bring to the sartorial table…