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The Makers & Creators

The Makers & Creators

A showcase of the brands, artisans and innovators who champion traditional craftsmanship and set the bar for modern design, discover our gallery of virtuosos as we celebrate the makers and creators.


Clockwise from top left, Yulia Isaeva; Mischka Aoki; Sam McKnight; Bibi van der Velden; Elie Saab; Bartosz Ciepaj; Kilian Hennessy


Drawing on her passion for art history, Harrods Interiors Yulia Isaeva has an impressive portfolio that spans more than a decade of interior-design projects – from bespoke product design to project management. Valuing decorative arts, she works closely with artisans in selecting the highest quality materials for her designs.

Fantastical fairy-tale formalwear for children is Mischka Aoki’s speciality – more specifically, highly detailed, jewel-encrusted, lace-embellished couture-level formalwear. Founder and president Winnie makes exceptional, one-of-a-kind clothing for the tiniest of taste-making humans.

He’s been a hair stylist to the stars for over five decades, working with everyone from Kate Moss to Balmain and Burberry, so it’s no wonder Sam McKnight’s eponymous line was so highly anticipated. The debut collection was created with a nod to busy lifestyles, capturing his expertise in just four styling products, and sharing his secret to runway-ready hair.

Rings that contain hidden rings, earrings with detachable embellishments, necklaces that are not at all what they seem… Bibi van der Velden creates striking and unusual jewellery with a wink and a nudge, an intimate secret between jeweller and customer.

The Beirut-born couturier began sewing as a child, creating clothes for his sisters, before graduating to princesses and discerning women around the world. Few red carpets are complete without a delicate, diaphanous gown by Elie Saab – draping, embellishment, embroidery and more are used to craft his ineffably pretty, gorgeously flattering gowns. 

A man that knows his beans, Bartosz Ciepaj is recognised as an authority on coffee. Every variety sold in the Harrods Roastery is personally hand-selected by Bartosz taking into account the season, farm and how the beans are stored, before roasting and grinding them in-store in a bespoke aged-brass roaster.

Heir to a long line of Cognac-makers, exploring and experimenting is in Kilian Hennessy’s blood. Having trained with the greatest noses in perfumery, he takes inspiration from the past, where the composition of formulas had a prominent dry-down base for a long-lasting scent on the skin.

Clockwise from left, Andy Cook; Judith Leiber; Daniel Hanson; Arabella Preston; Philip Treacy; Roja Dove


Harrods Executive Head Chef Andy Cook credits his finely honed palate to his experience working under Gordon Ramsay in restaurants across Japan and the US, where he learned his most important lessons in seasonality. Never without tahini when cooking at home, Harrods is his stage for marrying flavours, where he has revived the much-loved Deli range.

The original in elegant accessories with a sense of humour, Judith Leiber’s glittering, glamorous conversation pieces are often encrusted from top to tail in crystals, recognisable as much for their glinting sparkle as they are for their whimsical shapes and silhouettes.

Daniel Hanson has taken the humble dressing gown and elevated it to near-couture status with cashmeres, jacquards and velvets, timeless silhouettes and expert detailing. In his studio, a robe is a work of art, an expression of individuality, a personalised objet.

When plant-powered pioneers Arabella Preston and Charlotte Semler founded Votary, they put their masterminds together to develop a luxe line of natural plant-oil skincare. Harnessing their knowledge of both skincare and botanicals, the pair have created a range with the finest natural ingredients and fresh plant oils, blended personally by Arabella to leave the skin squeaky clean.

This milliner’s gravity-defying confections are modelled on the crowns of royalty on an almost daily basis. Philip Treacy’s signature cantilevered hats, often adorned with frothy silk flowers and crisp ribboning, are redefining the traditional craft of millinery for a modern world.

British perfumer Roja Dove has an encyclopaedic knowledge of fragrance with the ability to identify more than 800 scents blindfolded. Using oils that are so precious they are scarcely seen in perfumery, let alone candle-making, it takes 24 hours to harvest enough flowers to make just 30ml of essential oil for the Rose de Mai candle.

Clockwise from left, Stephen Webster; Priscilla Royer; Brunello Cucinelli; Dr Barbara Sturm; Romualdo Dori; Jasmin Makishi


A Londoner, trained in traditional jewellery craft and design, Stephen Webster has spent over three decades defining and redefining modern luxury. His exquisitely executed collections are variously inspired by rock stars and nature, from David Bowie to butterflies. The results are inimitable, collectable, statement-making fine jewels for the bold and beautiful.

Classic wide brims, stylish straw trilbies, veiled bowlers and cat-ear caps all lie firmly in the purview of 80-year-old millinery brand Maison Michel, now led by Priscilla Royer. Royer takes evergreen shapes and styles and updates them with modern detailing, creating striking yet deeply wearable accessories.

Brunello Cucinelli is the undisputed king of cashmere, and his beautiful handmade suits, sweaters and shirts are all produced with care in Umbria, Italy. Cucinelli’s tailors and artisans use a combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional techniques to craft pieces that are known for their smart cuts and elegant fits.

Barbara Sturm holds her craft within the power of her fingertips. Through her extensive medical training, she infuses skincare with a cosmetic approach, targeting skin degeneration with her hero anti-ageing products. Think facelift… without the surgery.

Having mastered the art of weaving, Romualdo Dori has been championing traditional techniques in his factory in Mogliano, Italy, for over 50 years. Born from the fashion for wicker and straw bags in Florence during the 1950s, today his RODO craftsmen continue to hand-weave accessories from natural leathers and skins in a long and detailed process.

With an in-depth knowledge of food pairing and seasonality, and a razor-like precision with knife skills, Jasmin Makishi is Harrods’ resident expert in how just the right slice or chop can affect a vegetable’s taste. This singular talent comes from a successful career working with top chefs including Nobu Matsuhisa and Alain Ducasse.

Clockwise from top left, Maria Tash; Francois-Henry Bennahmias; Anya Hindmarch; Christophe Robin; Sandra Debbas; Thomas Kosmala


Maria Tash has made an art out of the everyday, elevating ear piercings from an afterthought to style statements in their own right. Her distinctively cool Eastern-inspired hoops and studs, placed just so on the ear, make a convincing case for plentiful piercings.

In the Audemars Piguet workshop in its ancestral home of Le Brassus, CEO Francois-Henry Bennahmias has overseen Code 11:59. The 7-year project channels the brand’s most successful design innovation of the past – the octagonal shaped bezel – and stretches technical boundaries to create ever more advanced mechanisms including the much-awaited integrated chronograph.

Accessories with a sense of humour are Anya Hindmarch’s USP. Whether it’s a buttery leather tote with built-in smiling emoji or a wallet with goggly eyes, Hindmarch’s craft is creating moments of lightness and joy on everyday items.

Having honed his craft with a raft of celebrities over more than 20 years, Christophe Robin is a hair colourist extraordinaire. Using his philosophy that colouring goes hand in hand with impeccable hair, Robin has harnessed his love of natural beauty to create a bestselling range for healthy, colour-protected hair. 

Both an architect and a professor of architecture with more than a decade of multidisciplinary experience, Harrods Interiors Sandra Debbas is a master in planning, interior design and management. She has worked across the world on a diverse range of projects, from large-scale ventures to bespoke product design.

In close proximity to the most sought-after olfactory materials sits perfumer Thomas Kosmala’s South of France laboratory. There he deftly layers the emotive potency of over 100 raw materials to create contemporary scents that open up like flowers, developing over time.

Clockwise from top left, Huda Kattan; David Linley; Danielle Corona; Alessandra Rich; Jonathan Anderson


You could say make-up artist and blogger Huda Kattan’s skills lie in her engaging social media presence, where the 33 million Instagram followers of her brand, Huda Beauty, provide instant feedback. Her real art, however, is in creating products that make people feel confident, but also do what they say on the tin – not least her highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes, cleverly formulated to last all day and all night. 

A master of marquetry and cabinet-making, David Linley had his love of fine furniture sparked by growing up in Kensington Palace. Today, his talents extend from made-to-measure desks featuring secret drawers to one-off objets d’art and wall panels crafted entirely from inlaid woods – all delivering original craftsmanship with a distinctly British feel.

Hunting Season founder Danielle Corona masterfully blends traditional artisanal crafts with a modern design sensibility. Based on an uncompromising approach to quality and style, she creates each of her collections in close collaboration with Colombian artists who are skilled in ancient weaving techniques, yielding accessories worth treasuring. 

A firm favourite among the fashion set, Alessandra Rich pitches her well-crafted creations at a singular point between retro glamour and contemporary aesthetics. The results are trend-transcendent treasures that have garnered favour from the red carpet to royalty. 

Jonathan Anderson’s passion for traditional craftsmanship is a huge driving force behind his work at both Loewe and his own brand, JW Anderson. His artful handling of materials, impossibly intricate prints and perfectly constructed silhouettes are the stuff of fashion legend. A true fashion visionary.

Clockwise from left, Tom Ford; William Curley; Tamara Ralph; Lorraine Schwartz


Someone who needs almost no introduction, Tom Ford is a modern renaissance man of seemingly endless creative potential. From a showstopping tenure at Gucci at the turn of the century to the huge success he has made with his eponymous brand empire and a flourishing career as a film director, Ford is at the pinnacle of everything he does.

Having trained with some of the world’s finest chefs, including Pierre Koffman and Raymond Blanc, William Curley is a pastry chef with a superior knowledge and understanding of flavour pairings – particularly in chocolate truffles. His most inventive creations? A lauded thyme and Scottish honey heather truffle, plus Japanese-inspired iterations using yuzu and Japanese black vinegar.

The creative powerhouse behind Ralph & Russo’s fairy-tale-worthy collections, Tamara Ralph is unyielding in her dedication to beautiful workmanship. The fact that Ralph & Russo is the only British label showing at Paris Couture Week is just one indicator of her credentials as a design virtuoso.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Lorraine Schwartz is a friend for life. Her decadent creations are a firm fixture on the red carpet, with the third-generation diamond dealer the undisputed master of coloured gemstones – from the hot-pink sapphires of the Caviar Gem collection to her new favourite: champagne diamonds.

Clockwise from top left, Edward Crutchley; Mary Katrantzou; Anne-Eva Geffroy; Jérôme Delmas; Richard Orlinski


A true master of materials, Edward Crutchley is unrivalled in his knowledge of artisanal textile techniques from all corners of the globe. He consistently and fearlessly pushes the creative limits of his craft in order to rewrite the codes of luxury fashion for the modern man.

Dubbed the 'queen of prints', Mary Katrantzou is a true pioneer among contemporary fashion designers. Her ability to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technological production has allowed her to design clothes that are renowned across the world for their elegance and innovation.

Deep underground in the Graff studio, design director Anne-Eva Geffroy hand-sketches and paints each piece of jewellery, using some of the world’s rarest gemstones as a source of inspiration. A dedicated team of artisans then cuts, polishes and sets the gems in a painstaking process akin to sewing with stones. The result? One-of-a-kind haute joaillerie.

With Jérôme Delmas’ work, the devil really is in the detail. Whether related to a logo, a crest, a monogram or pattern, the Yves Delorme Couture artistic designer’s metier revolves around taking a client’s idea and reinterpreting it across luxe linens in the finest embroidery to a style and colourway of their choosing. The result? A bespoke design to be treasured for years to come.

The world’s bestselling French contemporary artist, Richard Orlinksi is the sculptor who breaks the rules. His partnership with Hublot involved him downsizing his signature sculptures into the Swiss watchmaker’s 45mm-diameter cases; the resulting limited-edition 200-piece series brings his graphic universe to life in titanium and ceramic.