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True Tales of Luxury — The Podcast

True Tales of Luxury — The Podcast

Presented by Mariella Frostrup.


What is luxury now? Is it craftsmanship or beauty? Is it memories or moments? Is it collaboration or knowledge, activism or emotion? In this series, Harrods explores people’s ideas of what luxury is. As the future of 21st-century luxury is redefined, listen with Mariella as she asks chefs, designers, artists and more to share their own personal tales of luxury.

  • "In True Tales of Luxury, I’ll be talking to some of the most successful and fascinating people in the creative industry about their lives and their relationship with luxury."
    Mariella Frostrup
  • Our Host; Mariella Frostrup

Episode One: Stephen Webster

Jeweller Stephen Webster describes his extraordinary journey from the East End of London to designing for Elizabeth Taylor. He reveals why he's racked up a million air miles, and showcases a personalised cutlery set that means so much to him.

Episode Two: David Batchelor

We hear artist David Batchelor, creator of wonderful colour-filled installations, discuss the relationship between art, colour and luxury. Then he reveals something that came from inside a volcano.

Episode Three: Amanda Wakeley

A Royally-favoured designer, OBE Amanda Wakeley takes us on a walk down a fashionable memory lane, from her favourite teenage looks to her mission to empower and elevate women.

Episode Four: Jackson Boxer

Top London chef and restaurateur Jackson Boxer takes us back to where his love of food was born, his history as a bad-boy chef and the story behind his favourite knife.

Episode Five: Roksanda Ilinčić

The Serbian designer discusses what makes clothes luxury, her love of colour and her architectural approach to design, plus the ceramic that she thinks does something extraordinary.

Episode Six: Terry de Gunzberg

In this exclusive bonus episode, beauty industry trailblazer Terry de Gunzburg talks to Mariella about her addiction to buying shoes, how she believes make-up should enhance our beauty and never be used to hide what is natural, and the development of her 'haute couleur' bespoke colour creation service.