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Celebrate Easter with Harrods – Discover

Celebrate Easter with Harrods – Discover

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Cashmere & Wool

Cashmere, merino, mohair; the tactile pleasure of pure wool is one of life’s luxuries. With the right care and attention, a good-quality knit will be one of the most steadfast style investments you’ll ever make.

How to Wash Cashmere & Wool

Washing woollen items by hand is always preferable. Brunello Cucinelli product specialists advise doing so with pieces turned inside-out at a cool temperature no more than 30-degrees, using a pH neutral soap. Why pH neutral? Clothes Doctor founder Lucinda O’Connor has the answer. “Most detergents are alkaline as this helps to remove grease and dirt, but alkalinity can damage natural fibres like cashmere.” To effectively hand-wash your knitted items, follow Arch4’s directions to submerge and soak for up to 10 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly in clean water using the same method. If you’re trying to remove a stubborn stain, the experts at Brunello Cucinelli advise to “gently rub the concerning part with a dry soap bar” before hand-washing as normal.

How to Care
How to Care for Cashmere & Wool

The first rule after washing? Steer clear of the tumble drier. Lucinda O’Connor, Clothes Doctor founder, warns that “over-agitation could cause fibres to warp and become misshapen”. Her advice? “Garments should be dried flat – rather than hung, for the same reason.” Ironing is permitted, provided you’re using the wool programme and “a fair amount of steam”, says the Brunello Cucinelli team. Make sure your knits are clean before you stow them away during warmer months – “individually covered to keep them apart from each other” – to prevent moth damage between items. When it comes to storage, Lucinda recommends keeping your knitwear “folded and flat rather than hung”; if you must hang your knitwear, “it should be on thick, padded hangers”. Store cashmere and fine wools with scented sachets as an extra defence against moths.

Clothes Care

Luxury is for life – if cared for properly. Knowing how to store investment pieces such as cashmere and silk, or understanding how to wash denim to preserve its shape, are valuable lessons to learn as you grow your wardrobe.